TomatoCart Review – Is It a Good Ecommerce Solution?

TomatoCart Review – Is It a Good Ecommerce Solution?

A large number of people are inclined to build rich-featured online store with ecommerce software like ToamtoCart to set up and manage online business effectively and efficiently. We try our best to provide a comprehensive reference of this platform for more people.

Based on our careful and thorough study of this software, we analyze and review it from several aspects including administration, search engine optimization, management systems, payment, shipping, users’ comments and more.

RIA Based Administration Panel

TomatoCart with RIA based admin panel offers you a graphic interface, which means you are able to interact with web interfaces fast and easily. Besides, this platform provides the support of multi-window operation giving access to manage several different parts of your site like orders and checkout at the same time.

In addition, the admin panel coding with ExtJS enables you to have a lot of super-high-quality widgets to build applications. Compared to traditional HTML-based applications requiring several page redraws, TomatoCart takes only a few clicks to finish a transaction.

Search Engine Optimization

tomatocart search engine optimizationTomatoCart is highlighted by its search engine optimization, such as static URLs known be indexed much quicker than dynamic ones. Besides, this solution implements the Rich Keyword URL for articles, products, reviews, categories and more. Rich Keyword URL includes the name of content instead of the product ID. Furthermore, the italic part of the URL is composed by both the product name and the product ID in the shopping system.

Content Management System

This platformalos works as CMS (content management system) to facilitate and simplify your publication of website content like document and image presentation. With it you are able to write a story or tutorial to guide costumers to find what they exactly want.

At the same time, TomatoCart integrated two JavaScript-based slides which give you access to present dynamic slide shows to customers. Specifically, NoobSlide, a MooTool, creates many different types of slide shows for images. Image Menu, a horizontal menu, presents more of the images when rolling over it.

Catalog and Product Management

catalog and product managementTomatoCart offers you a clearly ordered catalog layout to simplify work. Catalog management includes variants and attribute management, manufacture management, upcoming product management, review and rating management. Besides, it supports unlimited product categories with multiple images.

For the product, this solution supports goods, services, digital products and more which are well-arranged according to quantity, description, image, variant and attribute. In particular, you are able to customize products by listing view for product, using multiple images per product and adding product attachments. And product option selection is also available for to offer to consumers.

Order and Checkout

TomatoCart enables you to print fast invoices and packaging lists from the order screen when an order is made and cautious shoppers ask for it. Moreover, this brilliant solution offers an approach to view order history, order status and order tracking.

Checkout becomes easy, quick and considerate. TomatoCart offers option to create account at the beginning of checkout. In addition, you can provide your customers with one-page checkout to raise their affection for your online store. When they check out, you are also able to offer some consumer-friendly services like gift-wrapping option and shopping cart with tax and shipping estimate.

Payment and Shipping

tomatocart payment and shippingWhen it comes to payment, this platform supports almost all favored payment gateways, including credit card, PayPal, cash on delivery, bank wire, Google checkout, moneybooker, NOCHEX, inpay – instant online bank transfer, to bring convenience to your customers all around the world.

As far as shipping, with TomatoCart you are allowed to choose plenty of shipping methods based on destination, price and more with different charges. There are some shipping modules: flat rate, free shipping, per item, self-pickup, table rate, USPS, zone rate, etc.

Statistic and Report

Knowing what is going on with your website is crucial for you. This reliable platform provides a comprehensive report and trustworthy statistics which help you to adjust selling strategy. This report is composed by three parts. Product report shows you the purchased product, viewed product and low stock. Order report presents you best orders and total orders. Web analytics report concludes visit summary, traffic source summary, visit setting, visit location and referrer websites.

Negative Comments on TomatoCart

negative comments on tomatocartAlthough this shopping cart comes with a large number of awesome build-up features and favorable merits, there are still some negative comments on it. After carefully browsing these comments, we find that most users complain about its lack of flexibility and customizability.

In particular, limited templates and modules is one of the webmasters’ troubles. Users may spend more to obtain more extensions and fully customize their site. For example, some people complain that when they try to upload image, it does not work unless they keep double clicks. Besides, they point out that the online help page is not qualified for them.


Based on what we have mentioned above, TomatoCart with excellent features is a good ecommerce solution for you to run your online stores. However, if you have more requirements on the website flexibility and extensions, you may try other powerful ecommerce solution like OpenCart and PrestaShop. Whatever you choose, you need a reliable sever powered by leading web hosting companies. The following web hosts are highly recommended.