Top 10 Tips on How to Overcome Writers Block – Best Resolutions for Bloggers

Top 10 Tips on How to Overcome Writers Block – Best Resolutions for Bloggers

As a blogger, you might have been confronted with the occasion that you put your fingers on the keyboard, but you have no idea what words to type. Or you stare at the screen, but the inspiration has gone away. Then you may become anxious, upset, and even have the impulsion to give up your blog writing career. Due to this, we have recommended the top 10 tips on how to overcome writers block, hoping to help you go through such hard times.

Actually, every blogger can be in the face of writer’s block to some degree and at a certain time. As a matter of fact, it is just an emotion of a person other than the inability to write. When it comes to you, what you need to do is to face up to it and fight against it.

Keep Writing Every Day

This might be the most effective way to overcome writer’s block. Keep writing every day, no matter how many words you write and how many minutes you spend. If you have no idea what content to write, then write something interesting or frustrating that happened today. Also, you can simply write about a quote which best describes your current status, or a quote that encourages you a lot. Or you can comment on a piece of latest news, a wonderful film, an excellent book, a song you like, a new game you discover, and more. If you still feel it is hard to start your writing, then just write this fact on your blog.

Meditate for 5 Minutes a Day

meditationSpend some time on meditation every day and you would have more inspiration on your blog writing. Five minutes before you get up in the morning, you can think about how to start the special day. Or five minutes before you go to your dreams in the evening, you can ponder over all the things happened today and make a summary. Be persistent doing so and you will be surprised.

Read More and Write More

People always say that “reading is to the mind while exercise is to the body”. Only when you read more articles can you exercise your brain and get more inspirations. Therefore, if you think that you have come to your writing block, then read. You can read some books that you are interested in, and you can also read other people’s blogs so as to get inspirations.

Make Writing Plans

Making a writing plan is another great resolution for blog writers to overcome the block. You can make several short-term plans as well as a long-term plan. When you have a clear goal within a certain period, you can find that it is easier to start writing. But always remember that don’t push yourself too much by setting unattainable goals. Instead, you can make a writing schedule according to your own ability.

Go Outside and Refresh Yourself

going outsideOnce you feel upset about sitting in front of the computer and cannot come up with any writing clue, the best solution is to go outside and get some fresh air. Maybe it is when you are hanging out on the lawn, or walking along the river bank that a sudden flash of inspiration hits your mind.

Chat with Your Friends Regularly

When you have a conversation with other people, you can learn a problem from different perspectives, which helps a lot in inspiring your writing. Therefore, when you feel that there is nothing to write about, go out with some friends and talk with them.

Manage Your Emotions

To manage your emotions is not to gain control over them. When writer’s block happens, you should not constrain your anxiety. Instead, you need to find some ways to reduce it, such as eating your favorite food and watching a movie. Moreover, you can read several excellent articles you have written previously and gain more confidence on your writing.

Be Generous to Yourself

generousEvery time you finish a piece of writing, you can give yourself an award so as to encourage the next task. For example, you can allow yourself to have some socks that you don’t regularly buy when achieving a short-term goal, and buy yourself a delicate gift when complete the long-term writing plan.

Give Your Blog a Stunning Appearance

Actually, a stunning appearance is necessary both to your visitors and you yourself. With a beautifully designed blog, you are more eager to engage in operating it as well as add more content to keep the traffic. In this case, you can place some beautiful images as well as interesting videos that come with your description. To beautify your blog, you can also make use of some beautiful themes and templates.

Switch on the Topics

It is of great help in overcoming writer’s block in many occasions. When you get stuck in a topic, you can turn to another one and get your brain a rest. After a while, you can find that it is easier to go on the writing on the previous topic.