Top 10 Tips for Getting More Website Comments

Top 10 Tips for Getting More Website Comments

The comment section is a critical component for websites of any kinds and sizes. With it, readers can leave their thoughts and opinions of your blog posts, thus you can know clearly how they view your content and what they want to know the most from your site. This kind of communication between you and your readers can be great to better optimize your site in a right way.

Even, many people regard the number of comments as the main principle to value the popularity of your website. In this case, we’d like to list the top 10 tips about how to get more website comments in the following.

Tip 1 – Stick to the Formula of Engagement + Emotion + Visits

Based on our personal experiences and the suggestions from some popular website masters, we have summarized this formula – Bunches of Comments = Engagement + Emotion + Visits.

Firstly, the Engagement means how people react after browsing your website. If they just skim your contents without reading, you surely cannot get their comments. Therefore, to arouse people to check what you are talking about, you’d better pick some hot topics they may feel interested in your niche.

As for Emotion, it means that you need to try your best to make your content inspiring enough, encouraging people to make a point on an emotional level after checking your words.

The Visits is easy to understand, which means traffic. After all, your website traffic can somewhat determine the number of comments you get. In this case, increasing your visits is essential for getting bunches of blog comments.

Tip 2 – Replace the CAPTCHA System with Comment Moderation

It is true that the utilization of CAPTCHA is effective to prevent comment spam. However, it also discourages the common readers from leaving comments.

In this case, it is highly recommended to remove the CAPTCHA which is not user-friendly, and to enable the comment moderation system for manually approving and removing the submitted comments. Generally, if the comments are within the following three situations, you can delete without any hesitation.

  • The generic comments such as “great posts”, “thank you” and “nice article”.
  • Comments that have the fake names such as “affordable fishing tool” or “best storyteller”. After all, these comments are more likely to be published by marketers who spam your posts for backlinks.
  • Comments that have the links or some strange words. These are obviously the spam comments.

Moderate Comment

Tip 3 – Send Email Notification When Comments Are Approved By You

Generally, when people post their comments on your site, they are less likely to figure out whether their words are approved by you to be public, unless they bookmark your site and go back to check later. However, the majority of commentators will not do this.

In this case, you need to send the email notification to tell them that their comments are already available online. To be frank, this can give them a strong motive to comment and contribute to your posts later.

The detailed steps for this practice can be found in this post.

Tip 4 – Encourage People to Subscribe to Their Comments

To be frank, many people will never go back to their commented posts to figure out whether there is someone replies to their words. In this case, you’d better encourage them to subscribe to their own comments. In this case, whenever they are replied by someone else, they can be notified via the emails.

Frankly speaking, this practice can bring your commentators back to your posts again for the subsequent comment replies; thus results in a highly engaging community on your site.

Subscribe to Comments

Tip 5 – Allows to Comment on Old Blog Posts

At present, many webmasters choose to turn off the comment section on their old blogs with outdated information and poor writings, aiming to better optimize their websites and to reduce spam comments. However, we do not recommend you to do this. Instead, it is sincerely suggested that you can re-do your old posts with the opening of the comment section.

Especially, if you are a WordPress user, you’d better go to the Settings area of the WordPress admin and click the Discussion button. Here, you can find the Other Comment Settings section. Uncheck the box that is used to close comments on old posts automatically.

Tip 6 – Reply to Your Comments As Many As Possible

If possible, we highly recommend you to reply all your meaningful comments as soon as possible. This practice can give you the following great results.

  • Your commentators will appreciate your replies and have the incentive to comment on your content again.
  • You can give new visitors a sense that your site is of great popularity, for each blog post has so many comments.
  • You can start a debate with your readers if they hold the contrary point against yours, bringing the active phenomenon to your comment section.

Tip 7 – Allows the Graphical Components on Comments

Enabling the graphical components on comments can add more diversity on your comment section, and simply give your commentators a great chance to express their opinions in a relatively more vivid way.

However, this practice is not suitable for all the websites. After all, too many images uploaded on your site can result in a great heavy on your server resources and the webpage loading speed. In this case, if you choose the resource-limited shared web hosting to run your site, you’d better forgo this tip.

Images on Comments

Tip 8 – Showcase the Recent and Hot Comments on the Sidebar

When readers, especially your loyal readers, go through your website, they may firstly want to know what is happening on your site in the recent days. This not only includes your newly-published blog posts or changed background colors, but also includes your comment activity. For instance, is there any hot debate going for a controversial article? Is there any contrary thought on the previous popular post?

In this case, you’d better showcase these hot or the latest comments on the sidebar of your webpage. In this case, if your readers are interested in the topics, they are likely to join the conversation directly.

Tip 9 – Allow Other Activities on Your Comments

By default, the comment system for your blog posts is simple and plain, which only allows the reply function. To add more interests for a modern discussion area, you can also add the rating and social sharing functions. To achieve this in a simple way, you can utilize this special tool.

  • Rating System – This simply highlights the best comments that are voted by common readers. Generally, this kind of comments is of great information and is likely to be replied by other commentators.
  • Social Sharing – This simply brings you in front of more potential readers greatly via the most popular social media platforms.


Tip 10 – Start the Comment Cluster

This method only works if you are familiar with a group of bloggers who are willing to comment on the posts of each others for the high counts of article comments. Besides, you need to make sure that you guys are not spamming others’ websites for comment clusters. Instead, you have read the contents carefully and left some words that are really meaningful.