10 Tips to Write a List Post with Increased Traffic

At present, the list post has become a hot format of articles for many bloggers. It is straightforward to write and is easy to be scanned by readers for grabbing the core content of the articles. As researched, this kind of blog post is preferred by search engines and does a good job of improving the reading experiences for visitors.

However, we have found that many bloggers simply fail to take advantage of the list post with poor content and bad writing. In this case, we’d like to introduce the top 10 tips about how to write a list post for your blog site.

Tip No.1 – Determine the Proper Number of Items for Each Article

To come out a list post, the first thing you need to think about is the number of items you are going to put into the article. Generally, the round numbers can give people a great impression of professionalism and authority, such as 5, 10, 15 and 20. Surely, you can use the odd numbers, but sometimes they are less powerful for grabbing more attention.

In addition, we do not recommend you to use the low numbers such as 2, 3 and 4. This may give readers the impression that you do not have enough thoughts and ideas for a specific topic.

Tip No.2 – Showcase These Lists in a Logical Order

Generally, the good and worth-reading list post always looks neat, without any messily formatted content. To achieve this, you need to have all your points logically listed.

We have found that many bloggers showcase their points randomly when sudden thoughts pop into the mind. But personally, we do not recommend you to do so. Instead, you can consider the below display sequence that can give you a better result.

  • Display the points or items from the least to the most based on popularity, content length or importance. This can achieve a progressive feeling for post readers. Also, the strong ending can lead to great encouragement for subscriptions, comments and clicks.
  • Display the points or items from the most to the least. This can point out the most essential item and give people a strong impression.
  • If your list post is for resources or definitions of jargon and glossary, the alphabetical order works great.
  • Sometimes, the chronological order also works fine to have your thoughts flow naturally.


Tip No.3 – Make All the List Items Highly Cohesive

For the truly quality list post, the content needs to be concise and easy to be scanned. To achieve this, you should make sure that each listed item is kept in a similar structure and thesis statement. For instance, if your list post is about examples, all of them must be examples. If you are going to introduce some tips, all the listed items must be tips and tricks. Just try your best to avoid off-topic writing and always remember that the lack of cohesion can alienate your readers.

Tip No.4 – Break Some Lengthy Lists into Short Sections

If some items on your list post are of the long paragraphs, you’d better split them into some minor points. After all, a huge block of content is annoying and intimidating for most readers, and may cause some troubles for people to scan the main idea easily.

List Post

Tip No.5 – Display Each Item with the Same Format

When writing the list post, you’d better display each point using the same format. In fact, we have found that many bloggers simply ignore this aspect and use different styles for their listed content. For instance, point A uses the “strong” style and point B uses the “h2” style. To be honest, this can lead to confusion for readers of whether they are checking a sub-section or a totally new item.

In addition to the header styles, you’d better ensure a similar length for the title of each item. Even, you need to make sure that the titles are using either sentence or the simple word. This is a great way for making your list posts look neat.

Tip No.6 – Always Number Your Listed Items

We have found that many bloggers publish a list post with the name just like “the top 20 tips for writing a good blog post”, but do not number each tip. To be frank, this is really frustrating for many readers as most of them simply start to suspect that there are only 18 tips perhaps. They are cheated by the blogger.

Even for those readers who do not have a suspicious nature, the lack of listing numbers can be a pain. After all, it is hard for them to figure out how many items are checked and how many are left.


Tip No.7 – Decide a Catchy and Clear Title for the List Post

In fact, the main reason why most readers prefer the list post is that they can know exactly what they will get from your post even before checking the content. There are no confusion and guesswork required. You just set a clear expectation for your readers.

However, all of these rely on a catchy post title that consists of the main topic of niche, strong words, item numbers and promise for learning. In the following, we’d like to explain these 4 principles using a simple example.

If you are going to come out with a list post concerning blog writing, you can name it as Top 10 Tips to Write a Good Blog Post for More Page Views.

  • Firstly, this title points out the main niche – blog. This simply leads to the initial urge for your target readers to check the post.
  • Then, it gives the strong words of “more page views”, grabbing the attention of potential readers effectively.
  • Also, it indicates clearly that there are 10 tips for learning, giving people a general impression of what they will get later.
  • Lastly, this title simply gives a silent promise that after reading this list post, you can know how to come out the high-quality blog posts for the improvement of page views.

Tip No.8 – Try Your Best to Dig Into Depth

Writing a list post does not mean that you can be lazy. Only listing some points is not enough. Instead, you need to dig into the detailed information and make sure that people who check your post can learn something.

Tip No.9 – Invite Your Readers to Add More Lists

To come out of the information-rich content, only brainstorming cannot work the best. Here, we highly recommend you to invite your readers to express their opinions about the specific topic and encourage them to add more listed items based on their own thoughts and experiences.

For instance, you can put a question at the end of your list posts such as “what do you think” or “do you have any other great ideas”. This kind of invitation is not only useful to enrich your content but also can tighten the relationship between you and your readers.

Tip No.10 – Explain the Listed Point using Related Examples

This is a great method to explain each point of your list post. After all, to increase the readability of the whole article, you cannot write down too much information to explain all the listed points. In this case, the utilization of examples can express what you mean in a vivid way. Our tip No.7 just utilizes this method.