Best Tiki Wiki Hosting with High Performance & Quality Support

Best Tiki Wiki Hosting  with High Performance & Quality Support

A large number of people are looking for the best hosting packages to host their websites built with Tiki Wiki which is as famous as Mediawiki that has been awarded as one of the best wiki software. However, for many people, especially those people having little hosting knowledge, it is not easy to find the best hosting packages.

Therefore, to find the best hosting choices for webmasters who are using Tiki Wiki, we have reviewed 100+ web hosting companies and found that BlueHost, InMotion and WebHostingHub are the best web hosts offering reliable and fast Tiki Wiki hosting. To enable our readers have a brief knowledge about the 3 companies, we have made the following table to show the highlights of them. Scroll down to learn the details.

Why Are They the Best?

The 3 companies beat the other 97 companies and became the winners mainly by providing user-friendly control panel, quality hosting service and a high level of technical support. Each of the selected companies offers the most popular and easy-to-use cPanel control panel which is integrated with a 1-click Tiki Wiki installer, so customers are able to install this software by clicking the mouse several time.

In addition, solid hosting uptime and fast hosting speed make customers run websites smoothly and stably. Another thing is that the 3 providers all allow customers to contact them via phone, email and online chat 24×7, enabling customers to get instant and effective help to resolve issues. Now, read the following parts to learn more about the 3 web hosts and figure out why they are the best.


Tiki Wiki Hosting - InMotionBlueHost has been awarded as one of the top 10 web hosting in the industry by offering reliable and fast hosting service. In their 3 state-of-the-art data centers, they have invested more than 20 million dollars and equipped each of the data centers with high performance Dell servers, UPS, diesel generators and other cutting-edge technologies. Besides, their technicians and engineers are monitoring the data centers and servers 24×7, so they are able to resolve any issue immediately to ensure customers are able to run sites with the least interruption.

What’s more, this company offers shared SSL to ensure the security of data when they are transferred over the Internet. Besides, they also provide SSH to guarantee the remote management is secure. With high hosting performance and security, BlueHost Tiki Wiki hosting is priced at $7.99/mo regularly, but visitors who purchase this plan through the promotional link below are able to cut the price down to $2.95/mo. More outstanding features of in BlueHost Tiki Wiki hosting are listed as follows.

  • PHP 5.4, Perl 5.10, Python 2.6.6, MySQL 5.5, etc.
  • Unlimited hosting space, file transfer, email accounts, hosted domains, etc.
  • Automatic daily backups, secure POP3 and IMAP support, spam protection, etc.
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Tiki Wiki Hosting - InMotionInMotion has been in the industry for many years, followed by numerous loyal webmasters around the world. Among all the companies we have reviewed, this company offers the fastest hosting speed by using 2 first-class data centers on the West Coast and East Coast of US, quality Dell servers, and their own Max Speed Zone technology. Besides, InMotion provides free SSD for customers to get better hosting performance.

InMotion has released 3 Tiki Wiki hosting solutions, enabling people to choose the one suiting their needs best. The plans are Launch, Power and Pro, the regular price of which respectively starts from $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $17.99/mo. Now, this company is offering a huge discount for people subscribing the plans through the following promotional link, with which the price is low to $3.49/mo. Charging for low price, each InMotion Tiki Wiki hosting plan comes with unlimited disk space, email accounts, and monthly data transfer. More highlights are:

  • 90-day full refund & anytime prorated refund.
  • Up to $300 advertising credits for Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Free data backups & no-downtime website transfers.
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Tiki Wiki Hosting - WebHostingHubWebHostingHub has been voted as one of the top 10 web hosting providers. After comparing its Tiki Wiki hosting service with that of others, we found that it is extremely for Tiki Wiki users to host websites. WebHostingHub Tiki Wiki hosting plan comes with CloudFlare CDN, so customers are able to run websites with fast hosting speed. Besides, Cron Jobs are includes in this service, enabling customers to create a Cron Job to save disk and run some certain functions.

What’s more, this service comes with unlimited POP3 & IMAP email boxes, so Tiki Wiki users are able to create as many email accounts as they need. Besides, SSL and SSH are integrated with this service to ensure the security of transferred data and remote management. With so many tempting features, WebHostingHub Tiki Wiki hosting starts from $8.99/mo regularly, but visitors subscribe to it by this promotional link are able to get a 78% discount and cut the price down to $1.95/mo. Main highlights that are extremely good for Tiki Wiki users are:

  • Solid 99.9% uptime & fast hosting speed.
  • A free domain name & $200 advertising vouchers.
  • Unlimited disk space, monthly bandwidth, domain aliases, FTP accounts, etc.
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General Knowledge about Tiki Wiki

Tiki Wiki, also known as TikiWiki and Tiki, is an open source and free Wiki-based CMS, which is written primarily based on PHP and distributed under the LGPL license. In addition to setting up portals and websites on the web, Tiki Wiki also contains a large number of collaboration features, with which you can run it as a Geospatial CMS or a Groupware online application. It can perform well on any platform that supports a web server that is capable of running PHP 5 and stores settings and content on a MySQL database.

Tiki Wiki ensures all the basic features similar to most content management systems available, such as the ability of registration for individual user accounts, a flexible permission system, the easy creation and management of menus, the free customization of page layout and many more. Note that you can handle all the administration tasks via a browser-based and easy-to-understand user interface with Tiki Wiki.

In addition, Tiki Wiki comes with the all-in-one design, with no extension models offered by many other CMSs. This can ensure the future-proof updates, for all the features can be released together. However, the drawback is that you need to handle an extremely large code base that comes with more than 1,000,000 lines.

Another great feature of Tiki Wiki is that it has 4 main groups of components, which include content management and creation tools, navigation aids, communication services and administration tools. All of these components allow you to edit and manage content, configure the whole site and control your users with much ease.

Also, this great CMS allows you to choose from various themes that are well designed. All of these templates are developed using CSS, along with the Smarty Template Engine. Fully customized themes can be designed by a Tiki Wiki developer for branding and uniqueness as well.