Textpattern VS WordPress – Which One You Should Choose?

Textpattern VS WordPress – Which One You Should Choose?

It comes to spotlight that both Textpattern and WordPress are Content Management Systems enjoying a good deal of competitiveness and sharing a number of similarities with each other. To help you get rid of puzzlement, we reveal specific differences between these two CMSs in consideration of vital elements that include cost, usability, extendability, and support.

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Contrast on Overall Ratings

Before setting out to the thorough contrast, we show detailed ratings of the aforementioned aspects aiming at showing a full picture of Textpattern and WordPress. For ratings in detail, please check the clear table in below.

Features Textpattern WordPress
Mobile No Yes
Free Yes Yes
Themes 2,591 Few
Plugins 31,632 1,000+
Usability rating 4 of 5 rating 4.5 of 5
Extendability rating 4.5 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Support rating 5 of 5 rating 5 of 5

What Exactly Are They?

  • Textpattern – Originally released in 2003, it was employed to publish Textism. With years of development, now it is widely used as both a CMS and software for blogging. On October 4, 2013, it officially launched the latest version Textpattern 4.5.5.
  • WordPress – On May 27, 2003, it is initially released as a blogging tool. Right now, it is utilized by more than 60 million websites. 34 days ago, the latest version 4.0 was released. Choosing this CMS, you have two options including WordPress.com and WordPress.org. For a detailed comparison between them, please check this post. Please note that we mainly focus on WordPress.org in below.

Textpattern VS WordPress > Free?

As two open source content management systems and blogging platforms, both Textpattern and WordPress are free of charge being based upon PHP and MySQL. Therefore, you are capable of downloading the latest versions of these two CMSs straightly and freely on their official websites.

Conclusion: Both are cost-free.

Textpattern VS WordPress > Usability

textpattern vs wordpress in usabilityAdministrative Panel – In this aspect, WordPress slightly wins the competition by coming with a admin panel that features a clear, neat, and user-friendly interface where you are able to get command of dashboard consisting of Posts, Pages and Settings, etc. In contrast, the administrative panel of Textpattern is less appealing and easy to use, even a little bit confusing for some novices.

Optimized for Mobile – Selecting WordPress, webmasters are capable of doing whatever they feel like in their mobile phones because WP comes with a mobile optimized version. By comparison, Textpattern is not so flexible on mobiles.

Integration of Social Widgets – Both of them are integrated with social widgets playing a crucial role in driving traffic for blogs. Moreover, these two CMSs make it possible to share posts on social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln and so on.

Conclusion: WordPress wins slightly.

Textpattern VS WordPress > Extendability

textpattern vs wordpress in extendabilityAs for blogging platforms, apart from usability, the availability of extensions is another factor that really matters.

  • Themes – WordPress comes with 2,591 free themes in total while TextPattern includes few themes only.
  • Plugins – WordPress includes 31,632 plugins which are available on wordpress.org that are downloaded 675,573,437 times totally by now whereas Textpattern provides 1,000+ plugins.

Conclusion: If you are proficient in coding, Textpattern is suitable for it offers much possibility for you to design and build blogs in the way you favor. On the contrary, if you are an end user wanting to get blogs up and ready, then WordPress is undoubtedly the better one.

Textpattern VS WordPress > Support

Support is also significant in your blogging life. In this point, both Textpattern and WordPress have done a good job by possessing active forums and communities where users can share their blogging experience as well as ask help and advice. Meanwhile, both of them are well documented.

Conclusion: Both are helpful.

Summary – The Option Is Governed by Personal Preference

There is no winner in this competition because both Textpattern and WordPress have merits in their own manner. The choice really depends upon what you need and want.

  • Textpattern: is recommended for webmasters who are good at coding and programming, and have time and energy to develop blogs in their unique way.
  • WordPress: is recommended for various groups including blogging fresh hands, designers, programmers and developers, and so on.

No matter you pick which one, it is significant to choose a reliable web hosting provider. The companies in the following table are nice shots because of their high-profile and feature-rich hosting services.