Steps of How to Start a Webinar in WordPress

Steps of How to Start a Webinar in WordPress

At present, there is a wide variety of web content appearing on the popular websites. Among these content types, the webinar goes wider and wider. This is because as compared with other content types, the webinar can ensure the most effective way to help you reach your visitors, share your thoughts and get the feedbacks promptly. In the following, we’d like to list the simple steps of how to start a webinar in WordPress, along with the benefits for doing so.

What You Can Get by Starting a Webinar in WordPress

In the following, we have summarized and listed some main benefits you can get when starting a webinar in your WordPress site.

  • Interact with your readers easily – The webinar allows you to get closer to your readers in the most personal way. With it, you can reach people in the real time and get the real feeling of what they are thinking about. This way, you can have the better understanding of your target visitors.
  • Enlarge your email list – It is a common sense that the email list is really important for the success of a website. In the most cases, you may choose the opt-in form to collect the useful email addresses. In fact, running the webinar also can help you do so. For this, you only need to require people to sign up with their emails to access your webinar.
  • Deal with people’s confusion quickly – Generally, you have to take the time and efforts to deal with the confusion and demands of your readers using the email. Things can be terrible if your site has a large reader base. With the webinar, however, you can save your time.
  • Promote and sell your web contents effectively – No matter you want to introduce the new parts, new activities or the new contents, you can demonstrate to your audiences effectively. For instance, you can show them an action, which is much more convincing than the plain textual content.
  • Optimize your content strategy – Once you have started a webinar, it will become your web content at once. This means you can showcase the meaningful content to your readers in a totally different way.
  • Collect the future writing topics – Generally, it is hard for you to come out the writing topics that are meaningful and fresh. However, you can open the chat box that allows people to submit the topics. These can be their frequently met issues or current questions.
  • Make the profit – The last benefit is that you can charge people for checking the content of your webinar. Surely, the prerequisite is that the webinar offers the good value for money.

Webinar in WordPress

Make Use of the WP GoToWebinar Plugin

To start a webinar on your WordPress site, the best way is to make use of the GoToWebinar plugin. With it, you can showcase a list of future webinar using the widget or the shortcode. The listing can appear at any webpage, blog post or sidebar location as you like. In addition, you can decide what to showcase for the webinar. These include the title of your webinar, the detailed content description after clicking the Info icon, the starting date, the duration and the registration link for checking the webinar.

Even, this plugin is already mobile friendly. In this case, you can start your webinar and people can view the webinar on the mobile phone without any worry.

Set Up the Plugin General Settings

After installing this WordPress plugin, you should click the Settings > WP GoToWebinar button. And then, you need to finish some basic settings in the General Options part.

WP GoToWebinar General Settings

  • Authorization – You need to hit the “Click here to get Auth and Key” link and sign up an account for this plugin. After that, you can get the needed authorization information to enter into the corresponding fields.
  • Format for Date and Time – As you need to tell people the starting and the ending time of your webinar, the exact date and time format should be selected properly.
  • GMT Toolkit – By default, there will be a toolkit appears when people hover over the starting time of the webinar. Here, you can choose the color for the toolkit text, background and border. Or, you can choose to hide this toolbar based on your preference.
  • Custom Registration Page – Generally, we recommend you to assign a registration page. With it, people can register for your webinar easily. This page can be chosen by using the shortcode or choosing the page directly from the dropdown list.
  • Custom Thank You Page – When people register for your webinar successfully, you can redirect them to a “thank you” page. If you do not assign a special page, there will be a default success message showcases.
  • Caching Option – By default, this plugin will keep a cache version for your webinar to improve the page loading speed and to decrease the API calls. In this case, the old webinar can stay for up to one day. Personally, we think you’d better turn the cache on. However, if you want to turn this function off, do not forget to click the “Clear Webinar Cache” button. This button can be found from the Clear Cache tab.
  • Timezone Conversion – To help your worldwide visitors view your webinar timely, you can enable the timezone conversion link. This way, people can convert the time and date into their local time easily.
  • ReCAPTCHA Key – You can enter the key of your Google ReCAPTCHA account so as to prevent the spam registration effectively.

Schedule Your Webinar on WP GoToWebinar

Now, you can go to the official site of this plugin to schedule your webinar. After signing in using your previously registered account, you can enter the dashboard. Here, you need to click the Schedule a Webinar button.

Schedule A Webinar Button

In the next page, you should enter the title and description of this webinar. Also, you have to decide the starting date, starting time, ending time, time zone and the speaking language. On the profile page, the webinar information can look just like the following.

Webinar Information

After saving the settings, your upcoming webinar can be listed in the dashboard. Here, you can click the Practice button to do a test-run. Or, you can click the Start button directly when the starting time of this webinar reaches.

Showcase the Webinar on Your WordPress Site

Now, you can go back to your WordPress site to tell people that you are going to hold a webinar. For this, you can open any of your wanted page or blog post and click the GoToWP > Webinars button.

GoToWP Webinars Button

After that, this plugin will generate the exclusive shortcode to display all your upcoming webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

From this chart, people can learn the webinar title, the starting date and time, as well as the duration. If they feel interested, they can click the Register button to register for your webinar.

Here, they need to offer their first name, last name and the exact email address. Note that they can get the notification email sent by this plugin automatically before the webinar starts.

Webinar Registration

In addition, you can go to the Widgets section of your admin panel to leverage the GoToWebinar widget. This way, you can showcase your wanted webinars on the sidebar. Note that you can decide the number of webinars to be listed and exclude some webinars as you like.

GoToWebinar Widget