How to Speed Up New Site Index by Google

How to Speed Up New Site Index by Google

At present, with the existence of the website builders or the content management systems, you can set up an online platform for any purpose easily and quickly. Even, most of these tools or applications make it an easy thing to publish and edit the web content. In this case, you can share anything online without any serious hassle. However, there is one thing you might ignore. One of the most essential steps to figure out whether your site is truly alive is to make sure that the whole site is indexed by Google. In this case, we’d like to tell you some tips on how to speed up the new site index by Google.

In most cases, your site or your web content can be indexed by Google after a few hours or even a few days. However, if you cannot afford the long waiting time, you can make use of the following listed tips to speed up the indexing. After all, people cannot find what you publish if Google fails to get your website indexed timely.

Check Whether Your New Website Is Indexed Properly

Before doing anything, you have to double check the fact that whether Google has already indexed your website and whether your site is on the search engine result page or not.

It is pretty simple for doing so. You just need to enter “” into the Google search box. This practice can put up all the things related to the searching keyword that Goggle has already indexed. In this case, if you can find your website pages or posts from the listed results, it means your site is already indexed by this search engine. If not, you should go on to carry out the following steps.

Google Index

Publish the Web Content to Your Site

If your new website is not indexed by Google timely, it might because that your whole site is blank. In fact, Google works like the online library that stores almost all the information around the world. And your site is just like a special folder within the Google database. If there are not contents at all in your website, this search engine is less likely to put it on the shelves. After all, your site can only be opened, but end up being completely empty.

This way, to have Google index your site after you putting it online, the first thing you should do is to publish some quality blog posts on it. This gives Google a hint that your website has something valuable and worthwhile to crawl and to index.

Add Content for Google Index

Generate and Submit the Sitemap to Google

As you have already posted some contents that are worth indexing, now, it’s time to grab the attention of Google searching spiders. And one of the most effective methods is to create and to submit the sitemap. Here, we need to mention that the sitemap should be the XML one but not the HTML one. The XML sitemap is a special protocol and only search engines can check the data. With this protocol, Google can learn all the contents displayed on your site easily.

To create one, you can make use of the XML Sitemap plugin, which only requires a few steps to finish. The detailed information can be found from this sitemap creation tutorial.

Submit the Sitemap to Google

Upon the easy creation of the sitemap, now, you should submit it to Google. For this, you firstly should connect the website with Google Search Console.

After logging to the Google Search Console using your Google account, you need to click the Add A Property button and enter your website link in the next page.

Add A Property

This way, you can verify the ownership of your site via various ways. For instance, you can make use of the exclusive HTML tag or sign into your domain provider.

After finishing the connection and the ownership verification, now, you can submit the sitemap. Here, you need to move to the Google Search Console page and click the Crawl > Sitemaps button.

Add/Test Sitemap

Next, you can click the Add/Test Sitemap button and enter your sitemap URL. Note that the sitemap link generally looks like “”. Now, you can click the Submit button.

This way, Google can be noticed that your site needs the immediate checking and indexing.

Attract More Organic Traffic

Only sending the sitemap is not enough. After all, Google gets smarter and smarter so as to look more to figure out what should be indexed. In this case, you can start sending traffic to your website to prove the worth-indexing of your site.

For instance, you can start the social media marketing, join plenty of high-quality social media groups that talk about your website content, make use of the social bookmarking, open the blog comment section, build the tight connection with your peer bloggers via the smart link building strategy and many more. All of these pratices can get your new site indexed by Google within a short time.