Tips to Showcase Social Media Buttons in WordPress Properly without Annoying Readers

Tips to Showcase Social Media Buttons in WordPress Properly without Annoying Readers

Everyone loves social media. As researched, more than 90% of online users will land on their social media accounts at least one time per day. In this case, many webmasters decide to display the social media buttons on their websites using popups, overlay, floating bar and many more. This way, readers can connect to their social accounts at any time when visiting a webpage, achieving the sharing or the login purposes easily. Surely, this can give your readers the utmost convenience. But you need to know that people hate the annoying button showcase. In this case, we’d like to share some tips to showcase social media buttons in WordPress properly without annoying readers.

Frankly speaking, adding the social media buttons on your website is not a difficult thing. With the proper placement, you can grow your presence, get more social account followers, have your content spread wide and far, attract your readers to come back again and many more. However, if the button showcase annoys your readers or distracts their attention from your web contents, you just put the car before the horse.

When You Will Annoy Your Readers

Here, we firstly list some occasions when your social media buttons may annoy your readers.

Social Popups

In the most cases, the popup screen or box is used to encourage readers to sign in an account on your website, to register for your newsletters or to make a purchase of your available products. However, some webmasters use the popup display to invite readers to join their social community or to follow their social accounts by clicking the buttons.

Personally speaking, this is super annoying. The sudden showcase of the popup will interrupt your readers. People know that you are on Twitter and on Facebook, but why would they follow you or share your posts before knowing who you are and what you are talking about? This practice can do nothing but just irritate your readers.

Social Popups

Too Many Social Media Buttons

It is true that you want your readers to share your web content to their own groups, hope them can follow your accounts and want them to introduce you to their friends or family. And also, if you have an account on almost all the famous and popular social media platforms, you want them to do these things to all of your accounts. In this case, you showcase too many buttons at everywhere of your website. We know why you do this. But also, too many buttons really annoy the common readers.

Bad Floating Bar

The display of the floating social bar is an effective way to invite people to follow your social accounts or to share your contents. However, not all the social bars can make your content cool. Some of them may result in the content block just like the following screen.

Bad Floating Bar

Generally, this is caused by the poorly coded plugins or templates, or the sheer number of the viewport sizes on your visitors’ viewing devices. Especially, this is a common issue happened on mobile users. People cannot check your social bar and web contents properly. Instead, the floating bar stays in the middle of the screen and always hides some parts of your content.

How to Avoid the Annoy Showcase

We cannot deny the importance of the social media button showcase. In this case, what you need to mention is not to do the annoying things to your readers. And for this, you just need to follow the below two principles.

Keep It Simple

Always remember the principle that less is more. In this case, when displaying the social media buttons, you’d better not to highlight all the options that you have the account. After all, it is possible that your visitors are not going to share your content on social media, but on Reddit or WhatsAPP. You cannot cover every aspect. In this case, you just need to highlight the most popular ones. Here, we think Facebook and Twitter are great. If your site is about business, you can add the LinkedIn button. If you are running a photo gallery, you can also add Google Plus or Pinterest as well.

Limiting the choices of your visitors makes their browsing experience easier. This will not annoy them but can better invite them to interact with your social media accounts.

Stick to One Display Location

Your visitors are not stupid. They know where to find your social media buttons. In this case, what you need to do is to choose a proper location for the showcase and stick to that location. Here, we have listed some common showcase options in the following.

  • Floating bar – This is a special bar that will be located at the left side or the right side of the screen all the times, even if you scroll down or up. If you choose this option, you need to make sure that the content block or the overlay text issue will not happen.
  • Sidebar – This is the common location for adding the social media buttons.
  • Header or footer – If you choose between these two locations, you should firstly check your overall design to see whether it is suitable.
  • Below or above the content – This option is suitable for the lengthy posts.

Social Button Below Content

Add the Social Media Buttons

To add the social media buttons to your WordPress site, the easiest way is to use the related plugin. Here, we personally recommend you to try the Social Media Share Button plugin. This is a simple plugin that gives you the chances to add any social icons to any location of your website.

Here, you just need to click the Social Media button from your admin after the plugin installation. Once hitting the Add New button, you can have a live preview of the button display. And then, you can customize the showcase based on your needs.

You firstly can choose a template of the button display. The free version provides 6 templates at all.

Button Template

Then, you should click the Next button to choose which buttons to be added, along with the proper labels. The free version allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Email, Pinterest and MeWe.

Social Button Display

Next, you also need to choose the button style, the effects, the display pages and the button location. Note that you can choose among 6 position options.

Button Location

After finishing all the steps, this plugin will generate a shortcode. You can copy and paste it to the sidebar or the widget area as you want.

In addition, we have worked out some other related tutorials for the better social button showcase.