SiteLock Review – Does It A Really Good Add-On for Enhanced Security?

SiteLock Review – Does It A Really Good Add-On for Enhanced Security?

According to a survey, more than 9500 websites are daily blacklisted by search engines because of injected malware. Most spammers and hackers try to put the malware script in the webpages, for this kind of script steals the important customer data and necessary information.

Once the search engines are informed about this malware attack, they definitely remove the websites from their database, resulting in that these sites may be declared as “insecure” and readers may be prompted not to visit the site anymore. It can easily lead to the loss of revenue and loyal customers.

SiteLock is developed for presenting a unique solution to this problem. It scans all webpages, thus every malware script can be detected and removed automatically. It has some great features that are discussed briefly in this SiteLock review article.

Pricing and Plans

You can choose from 3 plans i.e. basic, premium, and enterprise from SiteLock packages.

Basic Plan

The basic plan starts from $1/month, offering one-time scan of your website with a webpage limit of 25 pages. You can also have a free trial for your first domain. Basic membership plan only works for simple HTML websites.

Premium Plan

Premium plan is designed for websites using WordPress, Joomla, and other open-source programs. It can automatically scan each webpage and post with the page limit of 500. This plan is available at $4.65/month.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is best for small size organizations and businesses. It scans the websites on an ongoing basis. Users can monitor up to 2500 webpages at the price of $15.50/month.

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Website Scanning

SiteLock is designed to protect your business by scanning SQL, XSS along with all website apps and software. You can receive periodic emails about website security, and can be informed about different issues like attack blocking, database protection, malware scan, search engine blacklist monitoring, and comment spamming.

Application Update

Outdated applications and plugins can become a great threat for your business security. SiteLock reviews and updates all of your applications to make sure that they don’t get a victim of malware and viruses.

PCI Compliance Requirements

sitelock main featuresSiteLock helps you meet all PCI compliance requirements. If you are selling something online and you have customer data for safeguarding, SiteLock can help you keep all of your data and billing information 100% confidential. It also offers an easy-to-understand application system that can help more than 80% of merchants.

With the 4-step procedure with an easy-to-use interface, you can finish this application in almost 10 minutes. Once it is done, you can download the SiteLock security seal for your website to meet the PCI compliance requirement that is needed.

Improve User Experience and Conversions

Installing SiteLock is a great way to build brand trust and establish credibility. You can display SiteLock security seal on your website as it is a mark of trust and credibility. 70% of the internet users may never buy any product from you if they do not have trust in your business.

SiteLock is a 3rd party for verification, confirming that your site is secure, and you keep all customer data private and confidential. It is an easy way to build site reputation, as well as the total site traffic and conversion rate.

Great Support System

SiteLock has an excellent support system that is available 24/7 to assist you in any case. You can visit official SiteLock website to have a chat with experts. There are also many professional engineers to fix any bug or issue once you have reported.

Why Should You Choose SiteLock?

why sitelockSiteLock is ideal for small and middle size businesses. Once your website has been scanned carefully by this security tool, it automatically tries to remove the malware scripts. You do not have to do it all yourself. Also, you can receive a report regarding the solved issue.

SiteLock runs SEO checks to make sure that your site ranks higher, and you can generate more sales and leads. It simply helps you make your site perform faster by distributing your content on global content delivery network.

Web Hosting Partners with SiteLock

Many hosting providers appreciate the great services provided by SiteLock, and offer it as a web hosting add-on that can be purchased at several dollars per month. Some companies even provide the service for free. In the following, therefore, we have introduced some of these kinds of web hosts, with which you can better protect your website using SiteLock effortlessly.