SiteGround vs HostMonster – Which Is Better for Bloggers

SiteGround vs HostMonster – Which Is Better for Bloggers

When it comes to the quality blog hosting providers, SiteGround and HostMonster might be flashing in the minds of many bloggers. Both of these two web hosts focus on offering the budget-friendly hosting solutions that do not leave serious financial burdens to their customers. In addition, to maintain the hosting quality that will never be sacrificed for budgets, they all utilize quality server machines and server spaces to ensure the satisfactory performance.

Due to their similarities, choosing between these two web hosts might be a hard task for you. In this case, we have made a SiteGround vs HostMonster comparison in the following, demonstrating how can they edge over each other with their exclusive advantages.

Editorial Rating Chart

To compare them, we mainly focus on the aspects of prices, features, technical support, page loading speed and hosting reliability. According to our personal trying and real-world testing, we have found that both of them have done a great job for the first aspect. As for the rest parts, HostMonster is better than SiteGround.

In the following, we have showcased a star rating chart based on how we regard their hosting solutions.

Rating SiteGround HostMonster
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Their Common Aspect – Affordable Hosting Charges

For the common bloggers who just want to have an online presence, the hosting charge can be the core consideration when choosing a web hosting provider. Therefore, both of them try their best to lower the prices as much as possible.

HostMonster – Starting From $3.95/mo

HostMonster offers three hosting plans with multiple billing circles. Initially, these plans are charged ranging from $7.99/mo to $23.99/mo. However, this web host now releases a beneficial promotional link, with which you can get a 30% discount, reducing the hosting rate down to $3.95/mo only.

SiteGround – Starting From $3.95/mo

In terms of SiteGround, this web host also has three packages that charge you at the prices from $9.95/mo to $29.95/mo regularly. But now, this hosting company offers a special promotion campaign, with which you can purchase starting at $3.95/mo, 60% off the initial charging.

Prices SiteGround HostMonster
Plans StartUp Basic
Regular Prices $9.95/mo $7.99/mo
After Discounts $3.95/mo $3.95/mo
Discounts 60% Off 30% Off

Even, both of them allow the 30 days money back guarantee to give you a sense of risk-free for dealing online. However, if you cancel the account after the initial 30 days, HostMonster also promises you the pro-rated refund based on the reminder of your total hosting terms.

HostMonster is Better Than SiteGround

To compare them for the precise answer, we have done three things since the middle of this year.

  • Survey among hundreds of customers for them, and collect the real customer feedbacks.
  • Set up two identical blogs that are hosted with them, and start the uninterrupted monitoring for the blog running using Uptime Robot.
  • Try their technical support personally to figure out the effectiveness of their customer service.

Based on the final result, we have found that HostMonster offers more features, achieves the better hosting performance and guarantees the better support service than SiteGround.

Offers More Hosting Features

We have to admit that you can get all the basic hosting features with either HostMonster or SiteGround, such as the sufficient allocation of disk storage and monthly bandwidth, a free domain name, cPanel control panel, SSL certificate, SSH access, daily backup service and many more.

However, if you require more useful features and free extras, HostMonster is just the option. Check the details as below.

  • HostMonster offers up to $300 advertising credits for better website marketing on Google, Yahoo and Bing, but SiteGround does not offer such a great feature.
  • HostMonster also offers the exclusive Spam Experts for the prevention of scam, which is more powerful than the security tool of SiteGround.
  • HostMonster offers a free site builder coming with the drag and drop feature, giving you great convenience for blog creation. SiteGround, however, fails to offer this.
  • The Ruby programming language is supported by HostMonster, but is not available with SiteGround shared hosting plans.
  • The disk storages of HostMonster are 50 GB, 150 GB and unlimited for their three plans. As for SiteGround, you can only get 10GB, 20GB and 30GB for the three packages respectively.

Achieves Better Hosting Speed and Reliability

These two aspects directly influence the hosting experiences of webmasters, so both HostMonster and SiteGround pay much attention to guarantee the peak performance and great uptime.

However, according to our monitoring result, the blog site hosted by HostMonster performs faster and is hardly unavailable on the web. As tested, it requires an average of 342 ms only for the response of each server request sent from browsers. Besides, this site is 99.98% accessible, with no more than 10 minutes of downtime during the past months.

To achieve the great result, HostMonster has made a lot of efforts as listed as below.

  • Host all the websites using the DELL branded web servers.
  • Locate their rock-solid server machines at multiple cutting-edge data centers for the uninterrupted running.
  • Partner with CloudFlare to offer the CDN service for the immense boosting of hosting speed.

It is true that SiteGround also has done a lot to achieve a good hosting experience for their customers. As tested, they succeed in promising a 99.9% uptime. As for the server response efficiency, they require 500 ms averagely.

Provides Better Support Service with Great Efficiency

When evaluating the technical support offered by a web host, we mainly check three things – the support channels for contacting the support team, the professionalism of each support representative and the response efficiency.

As for the first aspect, both HostMonster and SiteGround are great, allowing you to ask for help at any time via the phone support, ticket system, live chat support and the email support. When it comes to the last two points, however, HostMonster is better.

  • When we ask some question from HostMonster, their support staffs always give us the quickest response with the most effective resolutions.
  • When asking from SiteGround, we need to wait for a while to have someone talk to us. Especially, if we ask via the ticket, it takes hours. Besides, we can only ask some simple and basic questions. Once our questions are within the technical and advanced scope, we are charged for the paid service.

SiteGround is Better Than HostMonster

One of the biggest highlights of SiteGround is their large knowledge base, from which you can have a deep learning about the hosting service, SEO and website creation using WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal, Magento and many more. Besides the plain text posts, they also release a large number of video tutorials to give you the vivid learning.

As for HostMonster, their knowledge base is surely smaller than that of SiteGround.

Besides, if you are using WordPress or Joomla to set up your blog site, you can enjoy the unique tools offered by SiteGround for better management.

  • Automatic installation for the easy starting process.
  • Automatic updates for these scripts to achieve a high level of security.
  • The SuperCacher plugin for better hosting speed.
  • 1-click staging tools and default Git tools for the geek usage.

HostMonster, however, only offers the 1-click installer for all the popular applications to achieve an easy installation process.


Clearly, HostMonster is the better option for the blog running than SiteGround, as this web host offers more features and better technical support, as well as ensuring the better hosting performance. Although it lacks behind SiteGround in some aspects, these points have no big influence on your hosting experience.

Besides, based on hundreds of customer reviews, this web host is surely a trustworthy option.