Site5 Coupon – Find the Best Discount for Site5 Web Hosting Service

Site5 Coupon – Find the Best Discount for Site5 Web Hosting Service

  • FREETRIAL: endows customers to enjoy 30 days free trial of services including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting.
  • ONEDOLLARVPS2: entitles customers to enjoy the Managed VPS2 plan with just $1/mo.
  • FREEDOMAIN: enables customers to get a free domain registration for 1 year.
  • FREETRIAL > 30 Days Free Trail

    30-days-free-trailSite5 offers 3 upgradable shared web hosting packages that are named as hostBasic, hostPro and hostPro+Turbo that are priced at $4.95/mo, $8.95/mo and $11.95/mo accordingly.

    For VPS hosting, Site5 comes with 10 different levels of packages with the price starting at $72/mo. In addition, Site5 provides 3 reseller hosting packages including Starter, Standard, and Premier. Respectively, their price is starting at $23.95/mo, $33.95/mo and $49.95/mo.

    Now with promotion, all readers applying the coupon code FREETRIAL are enabled to enjoy 30 days free trial for all hosting packages we have mentioned above. Please note that if you choose a billing cycle longer than 1 month, you will simply get 1 month free off your order. Furthermore, the account will be renewed automatically after this free 30 days trial unless the account is cancelled.

    ONEDOLLARVPS2 > First Month of a VPS2 For $1.00/mo

    vps2-couponAs we have mentioned before, Site5 comes with VPS packages with 10 different levels, ranging from VPS2 to VPS11. For the VPS2 plan, the price is starting at $58.50/mo, which is only valid for the 12 months subscription. The monthly subscription requires $65.00/mo.

    Now with the coupon code ONEDOLLARVPS2 applied, people are capable of purchasing the first month of the VPS2 package with only $1.00/mo.

    Also, please note that if the contract term is longer than1 month, a monetary equivalent of $1.00 for the first month can be received. One key point that must be mentioned is that this coupon code is only valid for new customers and everyone has only one opportunity to use this coupon.

    FREEDOMAIN > A Free Domain Registration

    free-domain-registrationNow Site5 is offering a coupon for domain name registration. Just enter the coupon code FREEDOMAIN when you are ordering the either of the services. Then you are offered with a free domain registration for free. Also, it needs to be noted that this offer is only available for new registration but not transfers.

    Does These Coupon Codes of Real Value?

    The aforementioned coupon codes seems quite appealing. Nonetheless, we objectively consider them as not really affordable for the following reasons.

    • The rule of these coupon codes is one coupon code one person, which means customers can not enjoy all promotion in the same time.
    • The coupon code for VPS2 is only valid for 1 month. The renewed price is considerably expensive.
    • The coupon code of domain name is only valid for 1 year.


    In the above, we have showed some specific Site5 coupon codes information. However, even with these coupon codes applied, Site5 is still not very budget-friendly, especially when compared with some top-notch web hosting providers.

    Based on our real hosting experience and hundreds of reviews from verified customers, we recommend the following companies for they provide web hosting services with cost-effective prices, rich features, outstanding performance, fast server response time and prompt technical support.