How to Showcase Different Ads in Different WordPress Posts

How to Showcase Different Ads in Different WordPress Posts

At present, making money has become one of the main aims for most webmasters to set up their online platforms. There are a lot of methods for you to start the monetization from your blog, among which the selling of ads space is the most effective and widely used one. The display of advertisements is really easily. Now, we’d like to introduce an alternative and more useful method – showcase different ads in different WordPress posts.

In the most cases, you may stick to the sidebar, header and footer location for the showcase of ads. Surely, these locations can bring more views for the advertisements. However, it is possible that you need to showcase some additional ads within the blog content for the better use engagement. These ads can be different in different articles. In this case, you need the custom advertisement blocks to achieve your goal. Here, you can check the following content to know how to do.

Install the Adsanity Plugin

The Adsanity is a light WordPress plugin, with which you can generate and control your ads display at any way you prefer. In addition, you can keep the reports and statistics on clicks and views easily. Here, we have listed some features of it.

  • It keeps the simple process for the creation and management of your ads.
  • There are two default widgets to showcase the single ads and the ads group.
  • You can choose between two publishing options, which are infinite and date-based.
  • You can quickly and easily know how your ads are performing and working on your website.
  • This plugin integrates a lot of third-party network, such as Google Adsense.

Generate the Advertisements Based On Your Needs

To create the ads, you have two options. The first one is to generate the basic ads that are hosted on your site exclusive. And the other one is to showcase the third-party ads. Now, you can install it and check the following simple steps.

Create the On-Site Hosted Ads

This creation is of the fast process. Note that the ads should be the GIF, PNG and JPG files. And also, they need to be available from your media library.

To create the ads, you firstly should click the AdSanity > Create Ad button.

Create Ad

In the next screen, you should click the Ad Hosted On-Site option. Here, you firstly need to enter the title of your ads, which is used for the afterwards management in the back-end. And then, you need to decide the proper advertisement size, enter the details with the correct tracking URL and upload the proper image.

Ad Hosted On-Site

As the advertisement must have the validity period. In this case, you should determine the exact date and time for the starting and ending of the showcase. In addition, you can add this new advertisement to the ad groups if you want.

Publish Date

Create the Third Party Ads

As for this kind of ads, you just need to choose the External Ad Network option after clicking the Create Ad button. The creation process is the same as that of on-site hosted ads. The only difference is that you need to copy and paste the ad code from the third party.

External Ad Network

Use the Ad Groups

It is possible that you want to display multiple advertisements in a group and enable the rotating display in the fixed location. If so, you can use the ad groups allowed by this plugin. This feature allows you to show more ads without affecting the reading experiences of your readers.

In addition, the ad groups work like the taxonomy of your WordPress site. To create it, you simply need to click the AdSanity > Ad Groups button. Note that this plugin will generate the shortcode and template tag automatically for the easy showcase.

Ad Groups

Display the Ads on Your Posts or Pages

This plugin allows three methods for the display of the advertisements to your website, including the widgets, shortcode and template tags.

Ads Widgets

The use of widgets can be the easiest way to get your ads showcased. It works the same way as your other WordPress widgets.

Firstly, you can leverage the Ad Group widget that helps you rotate through several ads options into the sidebar section. In addition, you can use the Random Ad widget to showcase the random member of your ads groups. Even, you can use the Single Ad widget to showcase a fixed option as you like.

Ads Shortcode

The shortcode allows you to display your custom ads within the web content. Here, you simply need to enter the editing screen and click the Insert Ad button.

Insert Ads Button

Here, you can view a popup that requires you to choose the exact advertisement you want to display, along with the proper alignment.

Also, you can choose to hit the Insert Ad Group button. If so, the popup requires you to decide the number of ads and columns to display after choosing the ad group.

Template Tags

These tags need to be entered into the template parts for the advertisement showcase. You can find the template tags by clicking the AdSanity > Manage Ads button. After clicking the edit button of your target, you can find the code from the right-side box.