Comprehensive ShopSite Review – Is It a Good Platform for eCommerce?

Comprehensive ShopSite Review – Is It a Good Platform for eCommerce?

It is more and more prevailing for people to choose ShopSite to start eCommerce when they search in the sea of eCommerce software including 3DCart, AbanteCart and more. Although, ShopSite has been successfully making a brand of itself, there are still plenty of webmasters having no clear idea of it. With the purpose of assisting you to figure out whether ShopSite is a good software for building eCommerce, we spare no effort to provide a comprehensive analysis of it.

We have used this software for months and carefully studied its users’ comments, finally we’ve collect an amount of useful information. Based on what we have obtained, we review ShopSite with different angels including pricing, order buttons, search engine optimization, themes, commerce tools, and merchandising tools.


ShopSite offers 3 packages with different prices. Based on different bundled options, ShopSite Starter charges $5/mo to $35/mo; ShopSite Manger charges $30/mo to $75/mo; ShopSite Pro charges $60/mo to 125/mo. Also, if paid in full, Manager and Pro charges respectively $495 and $1295. By the way, the monthly pays vary from different bundled reseller options.

Specifically, the first package allows 15 products, WordPress support, SEO pages, PCI certificate, and more. The second one includes unlimited products, multiple product images, mobile support, real-time shipping rate and others. The last one has rich features including unlimited products, quantity pricing, inventory tracking, digital goods, product cross-sell, product review, etc.

Order Buttons

comprehensive shopsite review order buttonIt is one of ShopSite’s highlighted features to a add order button to an existing website. There are only 3 steps for adding a order button, namely, adding products to this software, creating “Add to Cart Button” with built-in OrderAnywhere and pasting the order button on the existing HTML pages.

What’s more, if you do not want to use OrderAnywhere screen for order button creation and prefer to create a button for each product, ShopSite Pro allows you to use OrderAnywhere by SKU to customize your order buttons.

Search Engine Optimization

Having this user-friendly solution, the potential consumers can find your store quickly and conveniently. ShopSite carrying search engine optimization enables your store and products pages to be optimized with high search engine rankings. There are some useful tips related with SEO as bellows.

This software allows you to design every page and item with more information of page file name, which can be clearly displayed in search engine results. Therefore, it is sensible for you to provide unique fresh and authoritative content in each page for a website.

Built-in Themes

comprehensive shopsite review built-in themesShopSite offers a large number of responsive themes for you to beautify and personalize you own site. All the themes provide your online store with a consistent look by setting a standard layout page and color scheme.

What’s more, you are able to design your own theme after picking one by editing the layout pages and changing colors you prefer with the modules ShopSite provides. To sum up, this platform includes more than 70 characteristic themes.

Commerce Tools

ShopSite includes dual currency supporting allowing you to display prices of products in two currencies and several payment types covering real-time credit processing PayPal, Braintree, ACH Direct payment, check PSiGate, WorldPay and more. As for checkout, it allows checkout by Amazon and PayPal express.

Additionally, this software makes it easy for you to integrate multiple shipping methods based on products, weights and destinations. Moreover, the solution offers you flexible tax option by partnering with Ava Tax to give up-to-date tax calculation.

Merchandising Tools

comprehensive shopsite review merchansing toolsAs for merchandising, you are able to add products directly to your blog using ShopSite’s WordPress plugin. Particularly, you have approach to provide links of your store on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to attract more potential consumers.

Moreover, the OrderAnywhere included in ShopSite enables you to integrate your site with an existing website to promote sales effectively and efficiently. Besides, if you still want to keep in touch with consumers after they purchase products, you can add a checkbox to the order page with email contact.


According to our aspect-to-aspect review above, ShopSite is one of the best eCommerce web hosting solutions. Especially its 3 packages are feasible for different webmastesr with different needs and budgets. Therefore, if you are not in demand of high level of customizability and flexibility, it is your preferable choice for the setup and management of online business.