How to Set Up a Forum Using phpBB

How to Set Up a Forum Using phpBB

Many people are confused about how to install and use phpBB. In order to explain this in detail, our editors have written this tutorial to teach you every aspect about using the application to setup a form and after successfully installation, how to use it to write comment, create new threats and change themes.

Firstly, phpBB is software based on PHP language. Thus, before installation, it is necessary to have a web server that supports this application. Secondly, it can be easily installed by using FTP and a browser. As for database, any one of the following is acceptable: MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL.

Thirdly, both IIS and Apache are acceptable, but setup process can be easier when the server runs with Apache. Make sure that your website administrator is able to install and configure phpBB in a short time.

Choose the Best Web Hosting Company

In this industry, there are numerous companies can meet the requirements to install phpBB. However, among all those companies, which one is the best? After thorough consideration, we have picked out a reliable web host: BlueHost.

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The company provides the newest version of PHP programming language and MySQL database. Apart from this, they offer free domain name and the user-friendly cPanel. Especially for BlueHost, it provides unlimited add-on domains, disk space, bandwidth, and unlimited FTP account.

PriceAlthough it offers excellent features, its price is quite affordable which is starting at $6.99/mo. Now, it provides 63% discount and the price is reduced down to $2.95/mo. All the webmasters can get this low price by visiting this promotion link.

Install phpBB with SimpleScripts

Different companies utilize different ways to install phpBB. Usually, people can install it manually or using a 1-click installer. BlueHost develops its own 1-click installer named as SimpleScripts. With this tool, even beginners can install phpBB successfully without any hassle.

  1. Click on cPanel and find SimpleScripts icon which is under Web Builder. Then, click phpBB icon which is the third one under forums. After that you can see the Install button which is on the low left. Click on that button, you’ll see the title: what version of phpBB would you like to install? So, just choose one from the list.
  2. phpBB

  3. After choosing the suitable version, you need to select one domain where the software will be installed. Then, if you wish to install the software to a subfolder, enter that subfolder next to the domain you have chosen.
  4. If you wish to choose your own login information, you can unselect the box which reads: generate me an administrator login. Then you’ll see there are three blanks appearing: admin username, new password and conform password. Fill in all of them. Next, under legal information, read them and check the boxes. Then, click continue button.
  5. phpBB

  6. When those steps are done, this software will appear on your My Installs list when you log into SimpleScripts.

How to use phpBB to setup a forum?

Log into admin panel which is under my installs and enter the username and password you specified when installing phpBB. Next, click on the subject that you want to read a message thread.

  1. Add on new comments
  2. Click on PostReply if you are intend to reply a post. Note that this button is right under the post you have read. Then a post editor will appear and with it, you can make your comments, insert images or flash. After you finishing your comment, scroll down and click submit. Now, your comment has been saved and can be viewed by all the visitors.

  3. Create new threat

    If you want to create a new discussion topic, click newtopic which is under your first forum. Then, just type in a subject for the thread and then use the post editor to complete your content. Later, click on submit. Now, you can see both threads are available for discussion. You can add more threads, categories and forums without limitation.


  4. How to change your site

    If you want to make changes to your site, you need to scroll down on your home page and visit the admin panel. On the foot of the page, select the administration panel link and before clicking on login, enter your admin password. Then, clicking board settings on the left side, you can change your forum title and other information.

    Then, to install a forum theme, click the styles tab which is on the head of the page. phpBB comes with hundreds of themes that can be uploaded to your forums style folder. If you want to install a theme, just click the install link that is on the right side. If you want a special theme which is novel and exclusive, you can buy themes from professional theme companies such as Mojo Themes.