ServInt Coupon – Get 50% Off Your Cost

ServInt Coupon – Get 50% Off Your Cost

As a hosting company specialized in VPS hosting and dedicated server, ServInt has been trusted by tens of thousands websites worldwide. This company tries to launch reliable hosting solutions with affordable price thereby offering 50% discount off the regular price. A special promotion code makes such exclusive discount into effect.

Besides the promotion code, ServInt enables extra discounts for long term billing cycle, which save at least $90.65 in total for the service with 12-month subscription. Get to know this promo code and go through further details as below.

ServInt VPS Hosting > 50% Off with Coupon Code

ServInt VPS hosting is further divided into Cloud VPS and Flex VPS. However, the coupon code WELCOME is just valid for all levels of solutions included in Flex VPS hosting service. Once activating this promotion code, the purchase for the first month is cut from $55/mo to $27.5/mo.

In addition to the fixed discount for the first-month billing, 5% discount is available for the 6-month billing cycle to save an extra $15.12. If webmasters purchase a Flex VPS solution for 12 months, the 10% discount takes into effect and that enables extra savings of $63.25 in total. Note that, the cPanel and RiSoft Backups are included in each Flex VPS solution free of charge.

ServInt WELCOME Coupon Code

The Cloud VPS is designed for webmasters who have a higher demand on VPS features, resources and performance. Of course, each solution comes with more expensive price. The regular price of Cloud VPS is starting at $69/mo, exclusive of an extra $10/mo for cPanel/WHM. The 5% and 10% discounts are available for 6-month and 12-monty billing terms respectively. In this way, the price is down to $65.55/mo (6 months) and $62.1/mo (12 months).

ServInt Dedicated Hosting > 10% Off

ServInt Cloud dedicated hosting and Flex dedicated hosting are regularly starting at $299/mo and $199/mo. That is valid for the monthly plan. This company launches 5% and 10% discount for the 6-month and 12-month billing cycles respectively to cut the price as low as $179.1/mo.