How to Sell and Manage Digital Downloads in WordPress

How to Sell and Manage Digital Downloads in WordPress

As compared with many other CMSs, WordPress is really flexible enough that allows you to sell and offer the digital downloads easily. For instance, you can showcase the download links of ebooks on your sidebar, display the downloadable galleries on your posts and show the downloadable files for video and audio.

However, in most cases, this platform does not ensure you the enough freedom to manage all your digital downloads. In this case, if you are looking for the effective management, you need to make use of the powerful WordPress plugin. This time, we’d like to introduce how to sell and manage digital downloads in WordPress using the simple plugin of Easy Digital Downloads.

Set Up the Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

Actually, the plugin of Easy Digital Downloads can be viewed as a WordPress e-commerce solution used to sell some non-physical or digital products with the easy management. To set up this plugin, you need to focus on 5 aspects mainly.

General Settings

To begin with, you should allocate some pages that this plugin can leverage to handle the showcase of checkout, purchase failure, purchase confirmation, order history and login redirect.

Page Settings

In addition, you need to tell the plugin where your site operates from along with the detailed state or province. This way, this plugin can use the information to pre-fill the related fields at the checkout and calculate the taxes if needed.

Store Location

As for the currency part, you need to choose the currency, decide the location for the currency sign and choose the symbols to separate thousands and decimal points.

Currency Settings

Payment Gateways

Note that this plugin allows three main payment gateways of PayPal Standard, Amazon and Test Payment. You can choose your wanted gateways and define one of them as the default option. Also, you can display some icons for the selected methods.

Payment Gateways

Here, we need to note that if you choose the PayPal gateway, you should remember to enter all the required PayPal standards.

Email Settings

Once people have made a payment for your downloadable files, you should send them the purchase receipts in the emails. In this case, you’d better choose the email template and upload the logo that can be displayed in the emails.

In addition to the emails for the purchase receipts, you can also choose the template for the new sale notification. Personally, we think the default templates are great, and you have the enough freedom to customize them easily.

Email Settings

Style Settings

In this part, you should choose the style you are looking to use for all the buttons on your site, along with the proper button color. In addition, if you make sure that your current website theme has the complete custom CSS, you can disable the default styles for your buttons, checkout parts and some other elements.

Style Settings

If you are looking to decide the button text, such as Purchase Now, Add to Cart and many more, you can click the Misc > Button Text button to make the modifications.

Rest Minor Settings

In addition to the above mentioned main settings, you can also decide the minor aspects from the areas of Taxes and Misc. For instance, you can decide whether to force SSL, whether to allow the guest checkout and whether to enable multiple discounts and cart saving.

Also, you can choose the file download method and limits, the expiration of download links and the number for the sequential order. Even, if you want, you can decide and showcase the contents for the Terms of Agreement.

Add the Categories, Tags and Discount Codes

After setting up this plugin, the next step is to create some categories and tags. This practice allows you to better group your digital offerings based on different fields and niches.

In addition, it is possible that you want to offer some discount codes for your items so that people can be charged at the cheaper prices for your downloading offerings. For this, you can click the Discount Codes buttons for adding the new coupon codes.

Here, you need to give the name and code for this discount, decide the discount type and amount, choose the starting/expiration date and many more.

Add New Discount

Note that you can go back to the Discount Codes page to check all the codes you have added. For this list, you can know the utilization frequency easily.

Discount Codes

Add and Display New Digital Downloads

Now, you can start adding the new digital downloads by clicking the Add New button. After entering the title and the description for it, you should scroll down to the Download Prices and Download Files areas. Here, you can decide the prices, choose the product types and upload the downloadable items. If you want, you can also enter some download notes for your offerings.

Download Prices

Even, you can navigate to the Download Settings meta box to decide the file download limit if you want. From this box, you can also find the shortcode for this digital item. With the code, you can output the purchase link for this offering in any location you want within your site.

Download Settings

Even, you can use the Download Details widget to showcase the download link or button in the sidebar.

Purchase Buttons

Check the Reports of Your Digital Downloads

To check your downloading reports, you firstly can click the All Downloads button to check the selling or downloading based on the product name. Here, you can know how many times each item is downloaded, along with the exact earnings.

All Downloads

In addition, you can click the Payment History to view the order information. For instance, you can know who make the order at what price and date. Also, you can know the order status of completing, pending, failing and many more

Payment History

Even, you can click the View Order Details button to know the much more detailed information of each order.

Lastly, if you want to know the earning over a specific period, you can click the Reports button.