Things You Should Know to Sell Ads on WordPress Sites

Things You Should Know to Sell Ads on WordPress Sites

At present, there are a lot of methods you can choose to monetize your website for the generation of online profits, among which selling ads is the long lasting and the widely used method. Especially, if you use WordPress to start your website, this can be a pretty easy thing due to the existence of plugins for the management of the advertisements.

However, many webmasters fail to realize that selling ads is not as a simple task as showcasing the advertisements on their websites. Instead, there are a lot of aspects needed to be considered. Even, due to the drawbacks of this practice, it may not be the right solution for all the working sites.

In the following, we’d like to list the things you should know to sell ads on WordPress sites, figuring out whether your site is suitable to do this and how to implement with the maximum outcome.

Pros and Cons to Sell Ads

Surely, there are a lot of benefits you can get by selling ads on your site. We cannot cover all the great things but just list some typical aspects in the following.

  • You can earn your living easily. Especially, if advertisers continue renewing the contracts, you can get the fixed income for each month.
  • It can be easy for you to reach out to your potential advertisers and build the long-term relationship with them.
  • Having ads displayed gives your visitors the certain assumptions of your website. Some people may judge the professionalism of your site based on your advertising strategy and ads display.

Pros and Cons to Sell Ads

Without doubt, selling ads can be great. However, it is not without any problem, especially if your website is not ready for this practice. Check the below drawbacks you may encounter by offering the ad spaces.

  • Selling ads increases the bounce rate and kills the conversion rate of your site. After all, if your displayed ad is a valuable one, people may click away from the website before fully realizing your web content. If the ad is a bad one, people may doubt about your website quality and close the window.
  • Your site speed can slow down especially when you run tons of animated ads at once.
  • It is possible that the displayed ads may clash with your website template and ruin your website design to a degree.

Personally, unless your site is large enough, continues having a decent amount of online traffic, has a lot of potential advertisers and bears the great online popularity and professionalism, you’d better think twice before starting selling ads.

Things to Consider for Effectively Selling Ads

If you make sure that your website is suitable for selling ads, you also need to consider the below aspects for the effective implementation.

Where the Ads Can Be Located on Your Site?

Firstly, you need to check your website and designate the special zone for the display of advertisements. The common locations include your website header, page sidebar or the footer location. Also, some webmasters will insert the ads into the middle of their blog contents. You can choose the last option but do not overdo this.

After determining the ads zone, you’d better not to change it. This simply indicates that your website only has the limited and fixed space for advertising, so each ad is surely valuable and worth clicking. In addition, we do not recommend you to make all the empty spots as the ad spaces, but no more than three areas are enough.

Ads Location

Does the Website Have the High Conversion Rate to Attract Advertisers?

Initially, advertisers will value your online traffic to figure out whether your site is a good option for putting on their ads. But now, the rule changes a little. Rather than the traffic, advertisers pay more attention to the conversion rate your website can achieve.

In this case, in addition to the traffic, you also need to focus on the improvement of website conversion rate.

How Much to Charge for Your Ads Spaces?

The charges you can ask from your advertisers really depend on what you can offer in return. For instance, if your website gets the massive traffic and the high CTR, you can charge more. If your website is comparatively new, you’d better lower the rates.

Generally, when deciding the advertising charges, you should consider the below aspects.

  • Different ad spaces charge differently.
  • The charges of the banner ads or the image ads can vary based on the dimension.
  • You can charge on the monthly basis, quarterly basis or the yearly basis.

If you have no idea about how much you can charge, why not have a look around some ads pages released by your peer bloggers to get the inspirations?

What Need to Be Showcased on Your Advertising Page?

Personally speaking, you’d better create and publish a special advertising page that contains all the terms and conditions for selling ads. For instance, you can display all the contact ways so that people can directly talk to you for selling ads, introduce the methods for advertising that include image advertisement, affiliate program, sponsored posts and many more, showcase some charts for your website traffic and conversion rate, list some real cases for the successful advertisers and many more.

Advertising Page

Do You Need to Join the Ad Network?

This can be a tough decision for many webmasters. If you choose to sell ads on your own, you can surely get all the revenues. However, you also need to spare some efforts for the tasks of displaying the ads, processing the payments, renewing the advertising contracts and many more.

However, things can be much easier if you decide to join the ad network, but the drawback is that you have to give up a percentage of cash.

Frankly, if you sell ads for the first time or are too busy to handle everything, you can choose the latter option.

Solution to Sell Ads on WordPress Sites

There are a large number of online tools and services you can use to sell ads on your WordPress sites. But personally, we think the AdRotate plugin is a good option, especially for some newbies.

To use it, you can firstly decide some general settings about how to track the statistics for your advertisements, how to notify you if the ads require your attention, whether to target some certain areas for better advertising and many more by clicking AdRotate > Settings.

AdRotate Settings

After that, you can create the ads by clicking the Manage Adverts button, and then, hitting the Add New button.

Here, you can enter the title and the code of the advertisement. If you want, you can also enter the tags and banner asset optionally. In the preview section, you can check how the ad looks like on the webpage.

Edit Advert

Next, you should schedule this advertisement by deciding the starting and ending time. Also, you can determine the maximum clicks and impressions for each ad. Once the limit is reached, this ad simply expires.

Schedule Ads

Now, you can showcase the advertisement in three ways.

  • If you want to display it on the sidebar, you can use the AdRotate Widget.
  • If you want to show it within your posts or pages, you can use the generated shortcode.
  • If you want to showcase it on your footer or header, you can use the generated PHP code in your current theme.

AdRotate Usage

If you want to check the clicks, impressions, CTR and some other statistics of this advertisement, you can click the Manage Adverts again, find your target ad and click the Stats button next to the ad title. After that, this plugin will give you a report of how this advertisement works on your site.