How to Schedule WordPress Posts in the Bulk Manner

How to Schedule WordPress Posts in the Bulk Manner

In some cases, you will not publish your blog post right after finishing it. Instead, you will save it as a draft for the future usage. Especially, if you are looking for a vacation, you may come out multiple drafts for the future publish so as to maintain the regular website update. Also, it is possible that you are living in the different timezone with your target readers. If so, you need to write down the drafts and schedule the publishing at the most proper timing to get the best result. This time, we’d like to tell you how to schedule WordPress posts in the bulk manner, making your web contents available online at its peak timing.

Actually, WordPress has a cool feature that allows you to schedule the publishing of your posts one by one. You can do this manually from the Publish box of your editing screen. Here, you simply need to click on the Edit button from the Publish section, choose your wanted time and date, and then, click the Schedule button. However, what if you want to bulk schedule them? Check the following content to learn how to achieve the bulk scheduling.

Utilize the Drafts Scheduler

The Drafts Scheduler plugin is the best option for you to achieve the bulk scheduling of your post drafts. With it, you can randomly or sequentially publish all or some of your drafts with your preferred timing with much ease.

After installing this great plugin on your website, you can click the Posts > Draft Scheduler button directly. This tool does not require you to finish any plugin settings. Instead, you can decide the scheduling right now.

Choose the Post Type for Scheduling

Firstly, you have to decide which post types can be applied to the bulk scheduling. At present, this plugin supports the Post and the Page options. In this case, if you want to schedule your custom post type, you may meet some problems.

Post Type for Scheduling

Determine the Scheduling Date and Time

Next, you should decide the starting date and time for the scheduling. This plugin will show you a special calendar. From it, you need to pick up the exact date to start the publishing. Here, we need to note that if you choose today as the starting date, the posting will be scheduled from the midnight.

Scheduling Date and Time

Decide the Posting Order and Interval

Lastly, you should determine the posting order. Here, you can grab any drafted contents randomly in any order. Also, you can choose to schedule your drafts in the sequential order from the oldest posts to the newest ones.

As for the posting interval, here, you can choose to publish the drafts based on the exact hours and minutes. In addition, you can decide the interval in the much more precise manner. For instance, you can choose to post the exact or the maximum number of drafts for each calendar day. Also, you can enable the random posting interval before and after the exact timing.

Posting Order and Interval

If you want to un-schedule the posts that have not been published, you can also click the Undo Schedule button to stop all the settings.