How to Restrict Editors to Certain Pages in WordPress

How to Restrict Editors to Certain Pages in WordPress

If you run a huge WordPress site, you probably have more than one editor who has the freedom to edit pages. However, sometimes you want to restrict their capability to edit specific pages like privacy policy in case of that they may mess up your website. For the security of your website, you may be looking for a solution to set certain limitations for your editors so that they are free to edit pages only in certain categories.

Considering that things will be much more complicated with code, we advise you to turn your eyes towards the Capability Manager Enhanced plugin which provides you with a much more simple way to manage role capabilities. In this article, we will show you how to restrict editors to certain pages with the plugin on a WordPress site.

To start with, you need to directly download “Capability Manager Enhanced” from your WordPress Plugin Directory namely on the Plugins > Add New page. Having it installed and activated, you can take a close look at the important steps in the following text.

Step 1: Manage Role Capabilities

On the result screen of Users > Capabilities, the first thing is to modify the user role as “Editor” under the Select Role to View / Edit section which is located on the upper-right corner. When you press the Load button, Capability Manager Enhanced will display all the capabilities of that role.

Then you are free to change the capabilities that your WordPress site associates with editors. Here you’d better leave some options unchecked, such as “Edit Others” and “Delete Others”. In this way, you do not give editors the ability to edit and delete the pages which are created by others. In the end, do not forget to store your changes.

Manage Role Capabilities

Step 2: Set Administrator User Role

To ensure that nothing will go wrong, you need to replace the authors of certain pages with the administrator role so that even the authors have no right to edit these pages.

You need to land on the Pages > All Pages section where you are only allowed to select 20 pages at one time. When you select “Edit” under the Bulk Actions menu and click on the Apply button next to it, you can set the administrator user role for these pages under the Author section. At last, you should update your changes.

Set Administrator User Role

Step 3: Allow Specified Editor to Edit Certain Pages

Previously, you should have learned how to restrict editors to certain pages on your website. However, there are some instances when you still want a specified editor to have the right to edit certain pages. In this situation, you should navigate to the page where you want to grant the privilege to an editor. After a click on the Screen Options button, you will be able to see the full options where you need to check the “Author” box.

Allow Specified Editor

At this moment, you should scroll down to the Author section and then select the user who you want to have the freedom to edit this page. When you update your changes, this page can be edited by the specified editor.