How to Reshare Old WordPress Posts Automatically

How to Reshare Old WordPress Posts Automatically

If you are running your site for a while, you must have a lot of old blog posts. It is possible that these articles are of the great content and information. However, as they are buried by your newly added web contents, your visitors can hardly find them to get the useful knowledge. Surely, you can promote your old content for more online traffic. Among the widely used methods, the resharing on the social media is really recommended. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to reshare old WordPress posts automatically on the popular social media platforms.

Why You Need to Reshare Your Old Posts

In fact, there are two main reasons as why you need to do so. Firstly, you can maintain your current visitors. Generally, if your readers miss what you have posted during the earlier days, it might be that your posting gets lost in their feeds or they are not online when you publish something. Resharing your contents, however, can deal with these two frustrating situations effectively.

In addition, this practice can help you reach some new readers easily. After all, the resharing of your old content can give your new social account followers the chances to check what you have posted previously. This way, you can get them to the back catalog of your website contents.

How to Reshare Old WordPress Posts Automatically

To save your time and efforts, we highly recommend you to use the Revive Old Post plugin for the automatic sharing. With this plugin, you can keep your old blog posts alive on the social networks of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and some others. This kind of automatic sharing helps you drive more organic traffic and better promote your content.

Connect Your Social Networking Accounts

Now, you need to install this plugin and click the Revivi Old Post button from your admin panel. Here, you should add your accounts for your target social networking platform. The proper connection ensures the automatic sharing of your old contents.

Connect Social Networking Accounts

The process is quite simple. You only need to target your wanted social networking platform and click the Add Account button. This way, the plugin will lead you to a new page that requires you to authorize the tool to use your social account. Here, you only need to click the Authorize APP button.

Decide the General Settings

Next, you should move to the part of General Settings. From this page, you can decide the following main options.

  • You can determine the minimum interval between each sharing based on hours.
  • You can decide the minimum and the maximum age of a single blog post to be allowed for sharing.
  • Also, you have the freedom to enter the number of posts that can be shared for each time.
  • By default, a blog can only be shared for one time. However, you can share your old content for many times as you want.
  • You need to choose the type of contents to be shared.
  • If you want, you can enable the campaign tracking offered by Google Analytics. With it, you can easily see how much traffic you have got by using this special plugin.
  • It is possible that you do not want to reshare some old contents from some specific categories or have some tags, such as promotions. If so, you can exclude them easily.
  • When posting the old contents on your social networks, you can share the featured images. Here, you need to choose the image size.

Revive Old Post General Settings

Determine the Post Format

Lastly, you can go to the Post Format part to determine how your old content can be shared and displayed on the social media.

  • Firstly, you should decide what to share, including the options of title only, body section only, both title and body, or the custom field.
  • You can enter the number of characters for each content sharing. Note that the maximum content length is 140 characters.
  • You should choose which custom field you are looking to fetch the info from.
  • You can enter some additional textual contents to be added to your automatically shared posts. Also, you can choose the exact location for display the text – before the post or after the post.
  • You have the choice to include a link to your shared post.
  • You can fetch the post URL from the custom field.
  • In addition, you can choose to use the URL shortener and include the hashtag into the post sharing. Note that the hashtag can be created from the categories, tags or the custom fields.

Here, you can click the See Sample Post button to know how your old post will be shared.

Post Format

Choose the Custom Schedule

Now, you can move to the Custom Schedule part. Here, you can add the custom schedule for the auto-sharing of your old blog posts. For this, you simply need to click the Add Posting Time button and enter the exact timing.

Custom Schedule

Start the Auto-Sharing

As everything is done, you now can click the Start Sharing button directly. Note that this plugin will give you the countdown of when your next post will be shared.

Auto-Sharing Countdown