How to Remove the WordPress Search Feature

How to Remove the WordPress Search Feature

Frankly speaking, the search function is useful for most websites. With it, your readers, both new and loyal ones, can find what they want quickly. Without the need to go through all the pages one by one, they just need to enter the keywords of their wanted content and click the search button. This is why we previously introduce how to improve the search function. However, there are some exceptional situations that you may do not need the search function in your website. In the following, we’d like to introduce when and how to remove the WordPress search feature with ease.

When to Disable the Search Feature

For the common websites or the online platforms, the search box is useful, especially when there are a large number of pages or posts available. However, if your website is a one-page site that has the vertical navigation, this box can be a novelty thing. After all, you do not have too many contents to be searched. This way, the display of the search box may lead to the bad user experience and messy overall layout.

Disable the Search Feature

How to Remove the WordPress Search Feature

In fact, the removal of the search box is quite simple. You can consider any of the following three methods based on your real situation.

Clean Up Your Sidebar, Footer or Header Sections

In the most cases, you may locate the search box at the sidebar, footer or header sections of your website. If so, you should remove the related widget or the coding stuff from the corresponding sections. Especially, WordPress has the default search feature with the Search widget. In this case, you need to disable it from the WordPress admin manually.

Add the Special Lines of Coding Stuff

It is possible that you haven’t activated the search plugin or widget on your site. However, your current template or other enabled plugins may have the search function by default. In this case, you should edit the functions.php file of your template or the specific plugin file to embed the following lines of code. This way, you can disable the search function automatically.

Code to Disable the Search Feature

Make Use of the Disable Search Plugin

If you do not want to bother the code of your website, you can also use the Disable Search plugin. This plugin will work out of the box, so you do not need to set up it for the further working. Instead, you just need to install and activate this plugin. And all the search features achieved by your themes or other add-on tools will be disabled automatically.

Special Note – The latter two methods can hide the search box. In addition, if your readers want to enter the search query URLs directly, they will be redirected to the 404 error page of your site.