How to Allow the Feature of Public Post Preview in WordPress

How to Allow the Feature of Public Post Preview in WordPress

After finishing the editing of a blog post, most of you will click the preview button to know how the content will display after the publishing. This is a common and easy-to-do practice. However, what to do if you want some others to do this job for getting the second opinion? To achieve this, the easiest way is to enable a special public preview feature. Here, we’d like to tell you how to allow the feature of public post preview in WordPress for your drafted contents.

In the most common cases, you may choose to create the demo account of your WordPress site for some outside users to preview your unpublished drafts. Or, you may send people the text version of your blog post directly. Frankly speaking, both of these two methods are not efficient. In the following, we have introduced a much simpler way that allows you to achieve this goal by sending a special link to others.

Common Situations to Enable this Feature

If you are within the following three situations, it is highly recommended for you to allow the feature of public post preview.

  • You may accept the guest posting but are not willing to give the guest writers the user accounts of your site. This way, you need to edit their articles on your own. And then, you can give them a preview link of the final work to get their approval before publishing them.
  • You want to show your drafted articles to some others who can give the meaningful suggestions for the further content improvement.
  • You can achieve a special bird access to some important potential users of your website.

Use the Public Post Preview Plugin

The Public Post Preview plugin allows you to give a link to any outside and anonymous users for the public previewing and checking of your blog post that has not been published yet.

After the proper installation of this plugin, you can find a special metabox when editing your blog post, which is called as Public Post Preview. Here, you simply need to tick the checkbox for the activation of this feature. This plugin will generate a given URL. You can share this URL with anyone else and redirect them to the preview page of your article.

Enable Public Post Preview

Change the Default Expiring Date of the Post Preview Links

In fact, the post preview link generated by this plugin is based on the expiring nonce. Each nonce is used to make each URL unique, integrating to a specific request tightly with the fixed validity. In this case, the preview URL can only be valid for 48 hours by default. After this period, you have to get the plugin generate a new link for the preview of your post content.

However, you now can override this default setting with the help of the Public Post Preview Configurator plugin. Here, you can regard it as the complementary solution of the Public Post Preview plugin.

After installing it, you can enter the setting page directly to decide the expiration hours of the preview link.

Decide Expiration Hours