How to Provide the Time Limited Offer in WordPress

How to Provide the Time Limited Offer in WordPress

It is possible that you are going to provide your visitors with some time limited offerings on your site. For instance, you want to release a large discount for your products and services during this month only. After the valid time period, people cannot enjoy any discount or will be redirected to a relatively smaller one. Also, you may want to showcase some advanced contents to all the people just during this week. After these days, these contents can only be checked after paying the charges.

Frankly speaking, this kind of practice helps you increase your page views and generate much more online benefits within a very short period of time. In this case, in the following, we’d like to tell you how to provide the time limited offer in WordPress without any hassle and complicated steps.

Utilize the Page Expiration Robot Plugin

To achieve the time limited offering, the plugin we’d like to recommend is the Page Expiration Robot. With it, you can achieve the following two kinds of offerings with much ease.

  • Time limited offering – This method sets the content access of your visitors to expire after a certain amount of time, and then, redirects these people to a totally different URL that comes with the smaller discounts, the higher prices, the sold out page and many more. The expiring time can be set based on seconds, minutes, hours and days.
  • One time offering – This is a special method to increase the sales and visits by giving people only one chance to get or to view your offerings. Once they refresh their browsers or leave this webpage, they will lose out and never get and see this offering one more time.

Now, you can install this great plugin via the Plugins tab of your WordPress admin panel. After activating it properly, you can hit the Add New Campaign button directly from the drop-down list of Page Expiration Robot. Note that there is no need for you to set up this plugin furthermore.

Time Limit

As for the creation of the new offering, you need to go through the below 4 steps.

Step No.1 – Enter the Campaign Details

Firstly, you should enter the name for this time limited campaign. Here, you’d better include some keywords into the campaign title, such as the valid days, time limits, the offered items and many more.

In addition, you need to determine when to make this special offering expire. Here, you have 4 options to choose.

  • A specific date – If you decide to make the time limited offering expire after a specific date, you should choose the exact month and date from the built-in calendar. Also, you can move to the more detailed settings by dragging the progress bars for Hour, Minute and Second. In addition, if your site is a global one that has the visitors coming from the whole world, you’d better not to forget to choose the precise time zone.
  • A specific time period – Also, you can make your time limited offering available for a specific amount of time, such as a few days, a few hours, a few minutes and even a few seconds.
  • First visit only – This option results in the one time offerings, which only shows or allows the offering once for each visitor.
  • After the particular sales or actions – This choice will make your offering expire once people have made some particular actions or have finished some sales.

Here, you need to note that the latter two options require you to install the add-ons offered by this plugin.

Campaign Details

Step No.2 – Decide the Action When the Offering Is Finished

Next, you need to decide what will happen when your offerings expires and when the timer reaches the value of zero. In the common cases, you can choose among the following situations.

  • You can choose to redirect people to a specific page or post of your site. Generally, the homepage and the new content pages are the good options for redirection.
  • You can also choose to display a special image as the on-finish event. The default image shows the “Offer Expired” icon. If you want, you can also upload your preferred image for display.
  • Also, you can choose to save the post or page that showcases the time limited offering as a draft.

On Finish Event

Step No.3 – Choose the Counter Location

This plugin will showcase a time counter to inform your readers of how many time left for getting the offering. In this case, you should choose the counter location properly. In most cases, you can place it in the post content. If you want, you can also install the plugin add-ons to display the counter in the footer or the header location.

Counter Location

Step No.4 – Customize the Counter

The last step is to customize the time counter. Here, you can choose the counter size and alignment, as well as hiding or renaming the counter labels. Note that you can check the counter preview to make the adjustment accordingly.

Customize the Counter

After finishing these 4 steps, now, you can click the Create button to have the time limited offering generated.

As for the showcase of this special offering, you can open a new post or a new page and enter the detailed information of this offering, along with the necessary images, links and any others. After that, you can hit the Insert Shortcode button, choose the campaign you have created and click the Insert button.

Insert Shortcode Button

Now, the final result just looks like as below.

Counter Sample