How to Set Up A Product Review Site in WordPress

How to Set Up A Product Review Site in WordPress

At present, writing the reviews for your favorite things like songs and books has become a popular trend for most bloggers. By doing so, you can showcase your knowledge for some specific niches, help your readers to make the decision effectively and get some referral fees from the reliable affiliate programs. No matter for what reasons, in the following, we’d like to tell you how to set up a product review site in WordPress. This way, you can make the money easily and offer the information that is truly valuable.

Things to Know before Creating the WordPress Product Review Site

If you just want to add a special review section to discuss something that you have the interests, you have the enough freedom to write the reviews of any kind. However, if you are looking to set up a professional product review site, you should pick up a valuable and highly competitive field. For instance, there are a large number of hosting review sites at present. In this case, you should think twice whether you have the enough knowledge and experience to step into this field.

Here, we have listed some useful tips when finding out your review niches.

  • You should be passionate about what you review.
  • The items you review need to be widely used or in people’s daily life.
  • If your review target holds the high and fierce competition, you can consider its minor aspects or look for another target.
  • You should bear the enough knowledge, skills, energy and experience when reviewing something.
  • You need to ensure the objectivity when reviewing your targets.

Finish the Preparatory Work in Advance

No matter what kind of website you are going to hold, you should firstly finish the following main preparatory work in advance.

  • Decide the proper domain and the website title. Generally, they should bear the keyword of your reviewing niche.
  • Purchase the reliable WordPress hosting solution. Here, you should think about the hosting reliability and the overall performance in particular.
  • Install WordPress and set up a WordPress site properly.

Install the Proper Review Template

A professional WordPress review template is one of the essential elements for any WordPress review site. The template you choose should have the full freedom for customization and the responsive design. There are some review themes that even have the review function by default.

Set Up a Product Review Site in WordPress using the Plugin

Now, you have already finished the most basic framework of your review site. The next step is to add the review function to the site. For this, we highly recommend you to use the WP Product Review Lite plugin.

This plugin can turn your common blog post into the in-depth review easily. Also, it allows you to add the ratings, affiliate links, pros, cons, user reviews and rich snippets into the content effectively. Here, you can check the following content to learn how to use it.

Step 1 – Configure the Basic Review Settings

After the installation, you can find the new Product Review tab from the WordPress admin. Here, you should click the Product Review button from the dropdown list.

Basic Review Settings

  • You have the freedom to display the review box before the blog content or after the blog content. Also, you can showcase the review box manually using the exclusive shortcode that is displayed on the same page.
  • If you open the comments for your product review, you can choose to display it or not.
  • If you allow the user reviews, this feature can have the impact on the main rating of your reviewed item. Here, you should determine how many of these ratings can affect the main one. Also, you can choose the no visitor review influence at all. Note that the visitor review influence is from 10% to 100%.
  • For the better review showcase, you should choose the default number of pros, cons and options that can appear in the review box.
  • You can also write down the review content width here in pixels.
  • If you want the faster page loading speed, you can turn down the lightbox effect on the images of your review items.
  • In addition, you can also disable the font awesome for your product review site.

Step 2 – Choose the Rating Colors

After setting up the general settings previously, now, you can move down to the Rating Colors part. Here, you can choose the color schemes for the following aspects.

  • The default color for all the rating options.
  • The color for the rating chart.
  • The color options for the Weak rating, the Good rating, the Not Bad rating and the Very Good rating. Note that these 4 options should be different and have the high color contrast. This way, they can differentiate each other effectively.

Rating Colors

Step 3 – Choose the Typography Options

In the next step, you need to choose the typography options. For instance, you should choose the colors that will be used for the font, for the “Pros” text and for the “Cons” text. In addition, you can specify the exact text for the pros heading and the cons heading.

As for the border of the review box, here, you can select the border color and the border width in pixels.

Typography Options

Step 4 – Configure the Buy Button Options

Now, you should go to the Buy Button section. Especially, if your review contains the affiliate links, you should configure this aspect.

After checking the option to show the button icon, you now can choose the color options for the button border, the button for the hover state, the button background, the background for the hover state, the button text and the text for the hover state.

Buy Button Options

Step 5 – Showcase the Review Content on Your WordPress Site

After achieving the review feature on your WordPress site, now, you can add your review content easily. For this, you simply need to edit your current post and open a new one. After writing down the title and the main content, you can move down to the Product Review Extra Setting part. Here, you should choose the Yes option to enable the review feature.

Product Review Extra Setting

Now, you can enter the detailed information for your reviewed item. For instance, you need to enter the item name and upload the item image. When people click that image, you can choose to showcase the whole image or open the purchase link and the affiliate link.

In addition, you need to enter the affiliate information, including the affiliate button text, the purchase link and the item price.

Product Details

Next, you need to enter the reviewing options for your target item. For instance, if you review the quality of the web hosting solution, these options should at least include the price, uptime, speed, features and technical support. Also, you should insert their exclusive grades. Note that the grades must be from 0 to 100 scores.

Product Review Options

In addition to the review scores, you also can insert the pros features and the cons features of this product.

Pros and Cons

Step 6 – Check the Final Result of Your Review

Now, you can publish the web content to check how it showcases. The textual content will appear just like your common blog post. And the review box will look like the following.

Product Review Box

If you allow the common section, people can leave their opinions easily.

Review Comment

Also, the review information can appear in the search engine results, acting as the rich snippet.

Review Rich Snippet