PrestaShop VS Shopify – Which Is the Better eCommerce Solution?

PrestaShop VS Shopify – Which Is the Better eCommerce Solution?

Both PrestaShop and Shopify are widely applied ecommerce solutions with thousands of followers. Now, we are focused on working out an all-round and objective comparison between PrestaShop and Shopify in order to help you figure out their similarities, differences and highlights, and then pick the more suitable one for your own purpose.

For comprehensively comparing PrestaShop with Shopify, we have spent a lot of time to thoroughly review every aspect of these two ecommerce software and gathered plenty of users’ feedbacks. According to a large amount of useful information we have found out, we make this comparison including pricing, themes, store management, marketing and others as follows.

Pricing & Requirement

PrestaShop is a completely free and open-source ecommerce solution. You just need a few minutes to set up an online store with this platform. Specifically, firstly, you need to choose a hosting provider. Secondly, download and install it. Finally, design and customize your site. What’s more ,over 310 powerful features are free for you to use.

Unlike PrestaShop, Shopify costs you a lot for creating an online store. It offers 3 main packages, Basic, Professional and Unlimited, and supports 14-day free trial. All the packages include unlimited products, 24/7 support, discount code engine and more. As for the 3 ones’ basic feature, Basic includes 1GB storage and 2% transaction fee; Professional includes 5GB storage, 1% transaction fee and others; Unlimited includes unlimited storage, no transaction fee, etc.


prestashop vs shopify themesAs for themes or templates, PrestaShop offers you more than 1,500 stunning themes with different prices except for two free ones. Each theme is completely customizable for you to personalize and beautify your website. Moreover, it is quite easy for you to choose an appropriate one because that all the themes are clearly classified into different categories based on different store types.

Unlike the former one, charged Shopify has 100+ built-in excellent and professional themes. All themes, designed by famous experts, carry with many settings for you to customize with ease. In the meantime, theme setting editor and Liquid templating language are so helpful to design your site theme.

Store Management

Both of the 2 platforms include rich-featured website content management system. To be specific, these two ecommerce solutions allow you to design content pages by editing items, uploading images and more. Also, they do aim to assist you to have an efficient customer management for better knowing your consumers by giving access to detailed customer profiles.

Additionally, PrestaShop and Shopify allow you to offer multiple payment gateways like PayPal, VISA, credit card and more. However, PrestaShop wins the latter one in integrating more shipping modules and offering more considerate checkout services like one-page checkout, gift wrapping, shopping carts saving and more.

SEO & Marketing

prestashop vs shopify seo marketingSearch engine marketing is one of the best forms for promoting products. PrestaShop and Shopify offer your potential consumers access to your online stores. Respectively, the former one enables you to put keywords and product description in the URL, the latter one support automatic sitemaps.xml files for products and site changes.

These two comprehensive ecommerce platforms have many marketing tools for facilitating sales. Both of then allows you to create coupon system and email marketing system to attract visitors. In addition, PrestaShop offers you more detailed marketing plans like built-in newsletter and loyalty program.

Other highlights

Both of the 2 software provide you real-time analytics and reporting of your store’s performance. As for this aspect, Prestashop is slightly over Shopify for giving more specific information including visitors tracking, orders tracking, catalog statistics and more.

Shopify is highlighted by more powerful mobile commerce support, which means you can run a store by using mobile phone. Therefore, you do not need to worry about monitoring store wherever you are and whenever it is.


prestashop vs shopify summaryFrom what we have discussed above, we find out that PrestaShop and Shopify are two trustworthy ecommerce solutions with lots of easy-to-use functionality. To be specific, except for theme and mobile commerce which Shopify excel in, Prestashop does a better job in marketing, reporting and payment process.

Therefore, if you want to use free and stunning themes to set up and run your online store with ease, you may turn to Shopify. However, if you want a cheaper ecommerce platform which tremendously facilitates your product selling, you may prefer PrestaShop. Once you choose this self-hosted solution, you need a reliable server to support it. The following eCommerce and budget -friendly web hosting companies are highly recommended.