PrestaShop Review- Is It Worth Trying for Your Ecommerce

PrestaShop Review- Is It Worth Trying for Your Ecommerce

PrestaShop, a free, flexible and open source ecommerce software, is available for choosing if you want to find a powerful software to assist you to set up and manage your online business. If you are not familiar with this project, refer to this review which focuses on the features including catalog management, site management, checkout, payment, shipping and more.

PrestaShop is a useful ecommerce solution that is free to download and use, coming with more than 41 language packs available. It is also easy to apply for those new online merchants.


As said earlier, PrestaShop is completely free to download and does not include the transaction charges. Though it does not charge, there is a requirement that the users have to find an “online home” for their stores. This requires the paying for a hosting service.

Even, PrestaShop has teamed up with some of the best hosting providers as its developers seek to offer the best solutions to attain a successful site.

Catalog Management

Managing products is no longer a problem as PrestaShop offers understandable product lists and one-click updates. For your inventory, PrestaShop updates the whole manufacturer’s product list according to your sales chart. Meanwhile, categories and attributes of products are unlimited and can be specifically configured.

PrestaShop provides you with influential selling channels, such as eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, and cross selling with related items bund together, to attract more visitors and increase turnout. As for products, you can place diversified products on your website and choose the number of products per page and as many pictures as you want to display your products.

Site Management

PrestaShop Site ManagementIt is easy and carefree to manage site with PrestaShop. You can enrich your site content, choose languages with various translations, and accomplish many more tasks. And one-click upgrade is always available for you to run you online store smoothly.

Besides, the software allows you to choose as many users as you need with certain permissions for each, edit products or view order statistics. Moreover, you are able to change the design of the site by utilizing a beautifully designed PrestaShop theme.

Ease to Use

PrestaShop is very user-friendly for all webmasters. There is a user guide available in the site that you can learn with on the operations of the tool. This tool can be purchased online from the site with ease and immediately start using the tool.

Product Feature

PrestaShop has over 300 features. It allows the availability of add-ons such as PayPal and social media and other marketing tools. It also has a one-page checkout, newsletter services, image zoom, visitors and sale tracking system, and coupons as well. Besides, this tool is SEO-friendly in order for the online store to rank on the search engines, allowing merchants to increase their benefits. It also has a mobile application supported by all the smartphone systems such as Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Analytics and Reporting

PrestaShop has advanced features which enable business owners to collect comprehensive feedback about selling status and monitor visitors’ interactions, including target visitors, customer profiles and products in demand. Therefore, you can improve your services by adjusting selling strategies with these statistics and databases.


Customers do not need to worry about losing their online record because they can create an account to keep all their data for them to inquiry. Additionally, PrestaShop offers one-page checkout with which they can browse the checkout page to get information and make adjustment as they want in a quick way.

PrestaShop also provides user-friendly service. For instance, when customers are not so sure to buy a certain product, the shopping carts will be saved for them with expiration time. And the gift wrapping option is available when customers check out.


PrestaShop PaymentCustomers do not need to trouble in choosing what kind of payment methods, because PrestaShop offers them almost all widely used payment gateways, such as credit card, cheque, wire transfer, PayPal and more. All currencies are acceptable with PrestaShop.

Additionally, taxes are automatically configured and other extra fees like transaction fees can be minimized by selecting suitable payment modules. With PrestaShop, merchants can set different pricing for different groups of customers according to their geographical locations.


PrestaShop provides various shipping modules base on fees, weight, shipping restrictions and more for you to choose. You can offer free shipment or a certain kind of shipping discount according to consumers’ destination or product weight. What’s more, different addresses for billing and shipping are available, which allows people to send gifts to friends or families.

As for carriers, there are multiple choices including USPS, FedEx, and UPS which can be chosen based on experience, price, or destination. Meanwhile, you have access to unlimited carriers and destinations with PrestaShop extensions.


Concluded from what we have mentioned above, PrestaShop is an award-winning option for ecommerce due to the unlimited product inventory management, fully customizable templates, detailed analytics and reporting, and unlimited currencies. If you are looking for an optimized web hosting platform to start a site with this software, we recommend the following companies.