Three Easy Methods to Post from WordPress to Facebook Automatically

Three Easy Methods to Post from WordPress to Facebook Automatically

Generally, we spend much time and energy to come out the web content by researching online, writing down the words, uploading the multimedia and proofreading all the errors. To make sure that all your efforts will not be in vain, you need to promote your blog posts or articles via multiple distribution channels. These include the newsletters and the social media platforms. We have already introduced tips about email marketing campaign. And this time, we’d like to mention one of the popular social media networks – Facebook. Among all the effective Facebook marketing methods, keeping the auto-posting can bring you the best results. In the following, we’d like to list three easy methods to post from WordPress to Facebook automatically.

Frankly speaking, automating the sharing process from Facebook to WordPress can benefit your website a lot. You do not need to share your new update every time you publish or update a new article. However, your Facebook account can expose your new words to a large number of potential readers automatically. If you have a large base of Facebook followers, things can be better.

Method 1 – Use the Butter Tool

This tool achieves the easy and simple way to schedule publishing from your WordPress site to the popular social networking platforms, such as Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Whenever you update what on your website, the changes will be showcased on these social platforms.

To use this tool on your WordPress site, we highly recommend you to install the WordPress to Buffer plugin.

After the installation, you firstly need to authorize your Buffer account to your WordPress site by clicking the WP to Buffer > Settings button. This requires you to enter the Client ID and the Client Secret you have received from Buffer.

Buffer Authentication

And then, you can go to the Posts and Pages section to activate your Facebook account. Here, you can enable the Automatic Publish and Update feature by clicking the Enable option. Here, when posting to your Facebook account, you can choose to display the post title, URL, website name, content excerpt and the publishing date.

Enable Publish and Update

Now, after saving the settings, this plugin will automate the sharing from WordPress to Facebook at once.

Method 2 – Use the Nelio Content Plugin

The Nelio Content tool is a native plugin for WordPress powered websites. With its built-in editorial calendar, you can schedule and promote your web content on multiple social networks effectively. After installing this plugin, you firstly need to enter the Nelio Content > Settings page. Here, you can add your Facebook profile by clicking the Facebook logo and entering the login credential.

Social Profiles

Now, your accounts will appear in the Connected Profiles section. And your new posts or newly updated articles can be synchronized with this plugin automatically for content sharing on Facebook.

Connected Profiles

If you want to know at which time your WordPress site shares which articles, you can click the Calendar button to get the details.

Nelio Content Calendar

Even, you can hit the Analytics button to learn the page views, engagement and the social queue of your WordPress posts on Facebook.

Nelio Content Analytics

Method 3 – Use the Jetpack Plugin

The Jetpack plugin is a special tool that provides the full toolkit for your WordPress site. With the toolkit, you can customize your website for the better showcase, promote your site to increase traffic, secure your site with the high level of security and many more. In addition, this plugin obtains a lot of add-on modules to achieve different purposes, among which the Sharing one is what you need at this time.

To use this feature, you firstly need to connect this plugin with your account. Once done, you can enter your Jetpack dashboard and click the Configure > Sharing button.

Here, you need to connect your Facebook account with your WordPress site so as to share your posts on the Facebook page automatically.

Publicize Posts

Lastly, you should go back to the plugin settings page. Here, from the Sharing part, you can enable the feature to automate the post sharing on your Facebook account.

Jetpack Sharing