Review – How About Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting? Review – How About Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting?, focusing on WordPress hosting, is a professional web host in US. Actually, we find rare web hosts like, which is focusing on solving technical problems/tasks about WorldPress. Only for some WordPress enthusiasts, it sounds attractive. Before building relationship with, you may need to know more about it.

We make this review for webmasters who are especially interested in WordPress hosting. You will discover some little-known details about the young company, including detailed information about its price, features, performance, technical support and summary.

Price provides multiple WordPress hosting solutions: Neutrino, VPS 1, VPS 2 and Enterprise WordPress, all of which are very expensive. The cheapest Neutrino plan is available at $99/mo; VPS 1 charges for $499/mo and Enterprise WordPress is rated at $1999/mo. The price level is quite high for businesses, not even to mention the personal bloggers.

Unfortunately, offers no discount for customers like other companies do. The only way for you to cut budget is to pre-pay on an annual basis, which saves you at most 10% from the monthly price. We do not recommend that payment unless you have a deep understanding of and firmly think it is your right host. offers Expansion service with costs, so if you want to experience better service, you have to pay more according to its pricing.

So far, we have not found any information about money back guarantee and initial trial period.


As you may guess, features of the Neutrino plan are quite limited, which inclue 20 GB disk, 25 GB bandwidth, 100 GB CDN data transfer. The more you pay, the more you get. We list some essential features of the four hosting plans in below table:

Features Neutrino VPS 1 VPS 2 Enterprise WordPress
Max Sites 5 30 60 150+
Setup Time Instant 2-3 Days 2-3 Days 2-3 Days
Pageviews Always Free Always Free Always Free Always Free
Disk Space 20 GB 50 GB 50 GB 150+ GB
Bandwidth 25 GB 200 GB 300 GB 7+ TB
PressCDN 100 GB 1 TB 2 TB 25+ TB
SSL Allowed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $99/mo $499/mo $999/mo $1999/mo

As you can see, the plans are so expensive although they don’t include excellent features and the server resources are not rich enough. So if you are not a loyal fan of, you are suggested to go with other hosts who offer cheaper but better WoedPress hosting service. According to our years-experience of reviewing web hosts, you might as well have a try with BlueHost, a reputable company which also offers optimized WordPress hosting.


Honestly, does have only five years’ experience, and it never mentions data center on the website. So we bravely guess that it has no custom-built and self-managed data center. That is a huge hidden trouble for any hosting company. Although constantly boasts that it offers guaranteed security, we cannot believe that readily.

Some users say that they have experienced constant errors and downtime. Even some users complain that they encounter many times but have nowhere to seek help timely. So maybe the poor performance in speed and uptime sends us a message that it is not so reliable and trustful, and they are not worth the extra expense.

Technical Support provides forum and knowledgebase where users can find solutions for basic problems, and exchange some experience. If you need personal support or you can’t get help on knowledgebase and forum, you’d better submit a ticket to the support team.

Unfortunately, does not offer telephone support and live chat. It seems that its customers are encouraged to solve problems by themselves. After all, when you are in emergency, you have no access to contact technicians within the shortest possible time. Reversely, you have to fill in a ticket, and then, you can do nothing but wait.

Summary – Not recommended!

As we reviewed, is not the right choice in view of the above-mentioned facts. Though we cannot deny that it does well in certain aspects, especially some details about WordPress, it is inferior to some other WordPress hosting providers considering the needs of the normal bloggers. For this type of users, we strongly recommend BlueHost, who is a leader in hosting industry and provides optimized managed WordPress hosting at low prices starting at $13.49/mo only..