How to Choose the Page Design Color for WordPress Sites

How to Choose the Page Design Color for WordPress Sites

At present, more and more WordPress users have realized the importance of web design when creating and running their websites. In this case, most of them follow the golden rules for the effective navigation design, choose the website template based on the website niche totally, achieve the clear layout and content structure and many more. In addition to these basic components, you also need to pay attention to the page design color, which can effectively convey your website theory, promote your brand image and benefit the content recognition.

Frankly speaking, using the proper page color is critical for the visual consistency and reading experience of your site. After all, readers can feel difficult to check your content if you use the bright color for your menu items or the dark color for the background, or, if you use the low-value color contrast for the whole site.

Due to this aspect, we have listed some simple tips about how to choose the page design color for WordPress sites. Note that the proper and wise selection can improve your overall recognition by at least 60%.

Learn Your Readers and Choose Colors Accordingly

Firstly, you have to learn who your target website readers are, such as the children, old folks, college students, office ladies and many others. Then, you need to choose the proper color for different groups that are in line with your main purpose and can be relevant to your visitors. For instance, if your target audiences are children or young ladies mainly, the page design colors can include pink, purple, orange and yellow.

In our example, we use blue as the main page design color. This is because blue is a bright color that is preferred by both man and woman. Also, it symbolizes the sense of trust, intelligence and truth, so is pretty suitable for our site that mainly discusses the hosting reviews and some related tutorials.

Proper Color

Choose Among Three Main Color Schemes

After searching on the web, we have found three main color schemes that can be used at your disposal, each of which displays the interaction of colors through different contrast and vibrancy.

Option 1 – Analogous Scheme

This scheme represents a group of colors that are displayed one by one on the standard color wheel, such as the red color, the orange color and the red-orange color. Among them, the strongest one is the dominant color and others are the secondary and the tertiary colors.

This kind of color scheme makes your website visible in a natural way and is a suitable option if you want to showcase a calm webpage.

Analogous Option

Option 2 – Monochromatic Scheme

This is the simplest option among the three color schemes, which involves all the base colors mainly, along with the shades of these primary colors. Personally speaking, this color option is suitable for some photo galleries that need the color overlay. Also, it also works well for some personal sites to simplify the overall page design or for those looking for the aesthetic feeling.

Monochromatic Option

Option 3 – Triadic Scheme

This color scheme can be a good option if you want to achieve the vivid webpage design as well as the vibrant overall appearance. It comes with three main colors along with various opposing hues.

Triadic Option

Achieve the Contrast Carefully

The contrast is used to make people feel easy to check the web information displayed on your page, especially for the textual contents and the navigation items. A standard example is white and black, achieving the most clear color contrast so that many people choose the white color for the background and the black option as the font color. Here, we have a few tips to tell you about how to achieve enough color contrast without the need to break your page design.

Check the Color Saturation

Here, the color saturation means the intensity of it. In this case, if your selected color is 100% saturated, it means this color is in the purest and brightest manner. Here, as researched, the utilization of some bright or muted colors that come with the full saturation can achieve the best color contrast for a website.

Choose the Color Value

To put it simply, the value of the color can be viewed as the lightness and the darkness of it. In this case, the highest contrast can be 100% black and 100% white. However, the full color value generally gives people a sharp and progressive feeling, so we recommend you to choose the lighter or the darker colors for highlighting some certain page elements with the proper contrast.

Color Value

In this example, this page utilizes the proper contrast values of white typography and the shades of grey. This way, the page statement can be noticed and recognized easily.

Consider the Color Temperature

In fact, you can categorize the colors into different groups based on the color temperature of warm, cool and neutral. For instance, the red and orange colors are within the warm group, the green and blue colors are the cool options, and the grey and brown colors are the neutral ones.

Here, you can easily achieve the clear contrast by mixing up different temperatures of colors. Generally, this kind of contrast can be regarded as the most nature one.

Tweak Your Page Design Color for WordPress Sites

Now, bearing these tips in your mind, you can start tweaking the page design color of your WordPress sites. By default, WordPress provides the built-in theme customizer by clicking Appearance > Customize. With this tool, you can choose the base color scheme if your current template has different versions, and determine the colors for the background, all the links, the main text and the secondary text.

In order to achieve the precise colors, this plugin provides the color picker automatically. In addition, on the right side of the current screen, you can get a page preview to figure out whether your changed colors are proper or not with ease.

Theme Customizer

In addition, you can utilize the WordPress plugin such as the Theme Tweaker. This plugin will display all the existing colors of your current theme and offer you a color picker for replacing them based on your needs. The best thing is that you can modify these colors in a bulk manner. In addition, it generates the child theme automatically. In this case, as your original theme is untouched, your child theme can be updated with your preferred colors without the possibilities of losing all your tweaks.

To use it, you can click Appearance > Theme Tweaker Lite button. Now, you can check two color columns in the following. The former one displays all your old colors and the second one shows the tweaked colors.

Here, you can click the color options in the second column and tweak them one by one. Or, you can do the replacement in a bulk manner by clicking the buttons of Invert Colors, Black & White, Black & White Negative, Special Effect and Random Colors.

Theme Tweaker Lite

Now, you can move on to tick the checkbox that enables the preview function, and then, you can click the Preview button to figure out how the new color scheme works out. If you are not satisfied, you can click the Reset Colors button to change these colors from the scratch. If you feel good, you can click the Save Changes button to activate the new scheme.