PacificHost Review – Is It a Trustworthy Choice for Shared Hosting

PacificHost Review – Is It a Trustworthy Choice for Shared Hosting

Established in 1999, PacificHost has been dedicated to offering various hosting services covering shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Since a mounting number of webmasters use share hosting service to host their websites, this time we are focused on discussing whether the shared hosting services offered by PacificHost are trustworthy for people to host websites.

With the purpose of working out a full-round review, we have spent several months to in-depth market research of PacificHost. According to what we have comprehended, we make an analysis of this web host from some perspectives, including pricing, feature, performance and customer support. In below, we have made a chart display the ratings of this company. Go straight to the details.

Plan and Pricing

The company offers 3 packages, namely Basic, Advanced and Ultra. Moreover, all of them charge respectively $2.49/mo, $6.99/mo and $10.99/mo. Besides, the packages with no requirement for contract promise 45-day money back guarantee, which means you can terminate the services with 45 days and receive a full refund. In the same time, the company accepts payment gateways covering Master Card, VISA, Discover and PayPal.

Even though the prices for plans seem to be appealing, you need to take care of that they are not cost-efficient for having many customer complaints. For example, a large number of users have negative comments on its customer account management which always suspends them to run websites. More importantly, many real customers complain about its complicated process of refund requirement.


pacifichost review featureThe plans include cPanel with auto-login, backup Wizard, file manager, DNS and FTP manager to help with website management. Moreover, it has the ability to monitor automatically your website RAM, CPU and INODE to let you known whether you need an upgrade. In addition, they all carry multiple programming languages like PHP 5, Python and SSI.

However, the packages have some limitations in feature. In detailed, Basic only includes 5 domains, 25 FTP acconts, 25 MySQL databases and 25 email accounts. Besides, except for Ultra, the 2 former ones do not support to pay for 3 months and include free dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Moreover, the domain registration fee of all plans are over the market level.

Feature Basic Advanced Ultra
Domains 5 Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Shared SSL Certificate Shared SSL Certificate Free Private SSL Certificate
Free Dedicated IP Address no no yes
Monitoring Free Free Free
SSD no no no
Refund Guarantee yes yes yes
250+ Free Scripts yes yes yes
Mail Filtering yes yes yes
Email Account 25 Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel yes yes yes


The company doesn’t have a dedicated and co-located data center, but trying to rent servers or purchasing reseller hosting accounts to drive the business. It guarantees a 99.9% hosting uptime, but actually the reliability is quite far behind the expectation. The websites hosted with them load extremely slow. One of our editors’ single line conclusion to this company – buy an account and get a brick.

To be specific, they possibly oversell their shared servers, which causes the reliability and performance not as good as they promised. According to the monitoring, we find that the page loading time which is one of the most dissatisfied part for customers is slow.

Customer Support

pacifichost review featureAs for customer service or technical support, this is the most dissatisfied part for many real users. In detailed, although you can contact the company for help via phone, live chat and ticket, there are some shortcomings existing in their customer service. To be specific, they limit the hours for services through phone and chat, which means the complicated problems may not have enough time to handle. Besides, you possibly have complex contact process if you require solutions via ticket.

For example, many users reflect that they have to wait at least for 40 minutes for phone line and wait 1 or 2 day for response with ticket, which means their claimed 24/7/365 is not countable. Therefore, your emergencies can not be solved in time. On the other hand, you have access to Knowledgebase for basic information of hosting service and video tutorials for solving common issues, Twitter feed and service request for leaving customer experience, advices, requirements and troubles.


From our aspect-to-aspect review above, we are able to conclude that PacifiHost is not a good choice due to its limited resources, dissatisfied performance and inconsiderate customer service. In particular, compared to some leading web hosts like InMotion and BlueHost, it definitly becomes an unfavorable option without cost-effective services. More worthwhile web hosts are as follows.