OVH Review – Does It Offer the VPS You Need?

OVH Review – Does It Offer the VPS You Need?

OVH is an international provider of multiple hosting solutions, such as VPS, cloud servers, and dedicated servers. This company has expanded at a fast rate since its inception in 1999. OVH nowadays has more than 800 employees around the world. It also claims to serve up to 155 European companies and 20 international companies that are both large-sized.

From these above-mentioned statistics, OVH is certainly a trustworthy hosting company. However, it remains a worth-thinking question that whether the fair skin of this company covers the multitude of sin.

To make it clear, we are going to deliver this review based on our real monitoring outcomes and other webmasters’ feedbacks. In this OVH review, we analyze both the good aspects and drawbacks of the company to evaluate whether it offers the right VPS hosting service.

What’s good of OVH?

Self-owned data centers

OVH claims that it is an expert both in the design and construction of data center. This is verified by many authorities in the industry. Since building the first data center in Paris in 2003, the company has successfully established their worldwide network with 15 data centers managed by their staff.

The locations of these centers are carefully selected, many of which are in North America and Europe. By making constant efforts in offering local services, OVH is able to guarantee a better connectivity and faster connections.

Besides, we have to admit that there are some more highlights with OVH data centers.

  • These data centers are equipped with high availability infrastructures.
  • 24×7 monitoring, smoke detection systems, and other protection measures are adopted to ensure maximum physical security.
  • Continuous efforts are made to enhance the overall performance of data centers, such as regular upgrading and replacement of high-end equipment and deployment of new cooling systems.
  • OVH has followed its principle of “Green IT” in halving energy costs and making several other ecological achievements.

Scalable hosting plans

When it comes to VPS, OVH offers two hosting packages, namely, VPS SSD and VPS Cloud. Both packages contain three subdivided hosting plans that are detailed as follows.

VPS SSD Range:

  • VPS SSD 1: This hosting solution is priced at $3.49/mo, with 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, and 10GB SSD storage.
  • VPS SSD 2: This hosting solution is priced at $6.99/mo, with 1 CPU core, 4GB RAM, and 20GB SSD storage.
  • VPS SSD 3: This hosting solution is priced at $13.49/mo, with 2 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, and 40GB SSD storage.

VPS Cloud Range:

  • VPS Cloud 1: The price starts from $8.88/mo. This solution contains 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, and 25GB cloud space.
  • VPS Cloud 2: The price for this starts from $17.99/mo. This solution contains 2 CPU cores, 4GB RAM, and 50GB cloud space.
  • VPS Cloud 3: The price starts from $33.49/mo. This solution contains 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, and 100GB cloud space.

These multiple hosting plans to some extent give you more initiative, with which you are able to coordinate your hosting plans with your actual needs. Also, if you desire some upgrading, these scalable plans will meet your needs.

Besides, there are some extras with these hosting plans. RESTful API is provided to develop and manage your VPS in a simple way. Also, Anti-DDoS Pro is offered to protect the server from being attacked, and a new OVH control panel is provided.

Good performance

Besides these 15 localized data centers, OVH has established its worldwide network. The company claims to design and build their own servers, racks, and hosting towers. Based on their high-quality routing infrastructures, which are mainly constructed with Cisco products, OVH is confident in guaranteeing 100Mbps, 200Mbps, and 300Mbps of bandwidth.

According to our monitoring results, the server response and page loading speed of OVH are both fairly fast. The following chart presents more details about its server response time.

OVH Speed

OVH provides a 99.98% and 99.99% uptime guarantee for VPS SSD and VPS Cloud hosting packages respectively. This company has paid much attention to security. Two separate electrical power supplies and UPS are equipped with their data centers. Technicians are monitoring the system and network 24x7x635. Moreover, Anti-DDoS and other protections are also adapted to guarantee the secure and uninterrupted connections.

The uptime of OVH is further displayed as below.

OVH Uptime

Why not OVH?

Up to now, we have gone through several good aspects of OVH in regard of its VPS hosting services. It seems that this company is just the right candidate if you are looking for a quality VPS provider. However, OVH has received numerous complaints, most of which are focused on its customer service and money back issues.

Unresponsive support

Several channels are provided to access OVH technical support, including the ticket, email, and hotline. According to many webmasters’ feedbacks, however, there are some problems with their customer support.

First, the customer service representatives are responsive only for the infrastructures that they provide. For VPS users, they do not provide any support for applications. Secondly, they are not effective in that it may take them up to several days to get a simple issue fixed. The situation may be even worse if you choose to submit a ticket.

Ineffective refund

As for the refund issue, there are also many negative reviews. The refund process is a little bit exhausting. Usually, if you try to ask for a refund, you find nothing wanted in the email replied by OVH. Also, there are several delays in processing the refund request, which means that you have to make some lengthy conversations back and forth. And eventually if you are lucky enough, you may get your money back after several days.

Besides, it’s heard that OVH has refused some seemly reasonable refund requests, which makes its refund criteria doubted and even reviled. There are many real examples over the internet, and we have selected one review from a verified OVH VPS user to make it clear for your understanding.

The following screen shot presents more details about this user’s experience.

OVH Customer Feedback

These two aspects mentioned above may be not that noticeable compared with the price, feature, and performance. But they are surely important elements that make up your overall hosting experience with OVH. And also they are the ones that differentiate those quality VPS hosting companies from their rivals in today’s highly competitive industry.

What other options you have?

From this review, we have to admit that not all of OVH is only outer beauty. This company is good in providing various VPS hosting plans, ensuring good infrastructures and guaranteeing nice performance. However, its customer service and money back guarantee are widely denounced.

As a result, we do not recommend OVH unless you want some headaches or you think that you are lucky enough to expect the servers to keep running for years without any problems. As there are many other quality providers, such as BlueHost and InMotion Hosting, that offer top VPS hosting services, you certainly deserve better choices.

After reviewing hundreds of VPS providers, we recommend the following alternatives for you. They are not only reputable in VPS hosting but also in the whole industry. Besides multiple choices of hosting plans at an affordable price, they also guarantee rich features, excellent performance, satisfying customer service and reasonable refund policy.