OVH Coupon – The Best OVH Discount Revealed

OVH Coupon – The Best OVH Discount Revealed

OVH is a French-based hosting provider that has been in the industry from 1999. Since the inception, OVH has been dedicated to offering an extensive range of hosting services, among which VPS hosting is the most popular one.

In total, this company has two VPS hosting ranges in action, namely, VPS SSD and VPS Cloud. For both ranges, it is providing a suite of discount for users going through this promotional link to purchase the services at a price that varies from $3.49/mo to $33.49/mo.

OVH VPS SSD Price & Promotion

OVH VPS SSD range comes with three subordinate plans that are named as VPS SSD 1, VPS SSD 2, and VPS SSD 3. This type of VPS hosting services is powered by solid state drives for optimized reliability and performance. In regular, OVH charges the three plans at $3.49/mo, $6.99/mo, and $13.49/mo in respective, which are as cheap as some shared hosting.


OVH VPS Cloud Price & Promotion

Similarly, OVH VPS Cloud range contains three hosting plans – VPS Cloud 1, VPS Cloud 2, and VPS Cloud 3. These plans are now available at $8.99/mo, $17.99/mo, and $33.49/mo in several. Generally speaking, OVH is offering this category of services at affordable prices that are even cheaper than some peer competitors in the field.


OVH Additional Services

Apart from relatively affordable prices, OVH also include several additional services and freebies within both ranges of VPS hosting services. Some significant ones are listed as below.

  • 1 Free IPv4 with all port open
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • RESTful API for easy management
  • Easy upgrade via the control panel

OVH Payment Method & Money Back Guarantee

For the convenience of users, OVH supports multiple payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, checks, bank transfer, etc. Among these methods, users are able to choose the one that fits their preferences and needs the best to get the OVH hosting journeys started.

Nevertheless, there remains a major shortcoming with OVH VPS hosting services, that is, the lacking of a money back guarantee. In today’s highly competitive hosting industry, many web hosts are providing a 30-day and longer money back guarantee as a compensation for users whose needs are not satisfied. However, OVH acts against the mainstream, granting its users with no opportunity to test out whether the company’s VPS hosting services are satisfying or not.

Better Alternatives

From the illustrations above, it is clear that OVH VPS hosting services, taken as a whole, are budget-friendly. However, the company does not offer any money back guarantee, which means that once you find its services not satisfying, you can not ask for a refund.

Therefore, we recommend the following better alternatives. These companies’ VPS services are also cost-effective. Besides, they provide at least 30-day full money back guarantee to render you with the most hassle-free VPS hosting experience.