OpenCart VS WooCommerce – Find the Better Choice for Your Online Store

OpenCart VS WooCommerce – Find the Better Choice for Your Online Store

Building a website for monetization is not an easy task. You have to think about different ways for monetizing your website in the best effective manner. You plan keywords, SEO tools, your potential customers and your services. It is surely a long task, and it requires great planning. Besides these, the most important thing is to choose and find a proper e-commerce tool.

We all know that the two famous ecommerce platforms of WooCommerce and OpenCart that both have great features. But, what should be your choice? If you plan to create a big ecommerce website, which tool can be the best option? This article is written to answer these questions. In the end, you are able to make a confident choice about these tools.


From the digital marketer point of view, what are the greatest features of WooCommerce? Here, the details are given. This ecommerce toolkit is just a few years old, but it has gained much popularity and fame in a short time span. WooCommerce only works with WordPress sites, leading to some restriction for usage.


The installation of WooCommerce is easy. You can download the toolkit, follow the instructions and the WooCommerce can add a shopping cart to your site. Ecommerce admin panel is integrated with your WordPress dashboard. Things are simple and easy to maintain. You can check your content at the same time while you are managing your transactions. You can use multiple languages with WooCommerce. OpenCart also offers easy installation system, which only takes you a few minutes for starting an ecommerce site.

Transaction Management

opencart vs woocommerce transaction managementWooCommerce makes things easier to manage. You can easily handle transactions, payment methods, shipping, transfer of goods and the calculation of cost and loss. This all can be done in your WordPress dashboard area. And, the WooCommerce toolkit successfully does everything for you.

OpenCart does not integrate with WordPress by default, but its separate admin panel offers a clean design, and you can easily manage your transactions. You have full control and many advanced options for online store management.

Payment Methods and Shipping

The payment methods in WooCommerce are limited. Free version does not support many payment options. Shipping methods are both limited and extended. You have to buy extensions to avail different shipping options for delivery.

OpenCart does offer many payment methods and shipping options for free that require payments for WooCommerce users. There are more than 24 payment options for OpenCart users.

Multiple Platforms and Multiple Stores

multiple platforms and multiple storesWooCommerce is not a standalone platform. It must be integrated with WordPress. You cannot use this tool for non-WP sites. On the other hand, OpenCart can help you create independent online stores. You do not need any specific platform for OpenCart. But, WooCommerce can only work if you have a WordPress blog and you want to create an online store along with your blog.

OpenCart can help you create multiple ecommerce websites with just one installation. But, if you want to create multiple shopping carts with WooCommerce, you need multiple installations of this toolkit. In simple words, WooCommerce is not designed for creating multiple ecommerce stores on one platform.

Design Customization

OpenCart customization may not appear easy, requiring some OpenCart templates. You can buy OpenCart templates and do the customization as you may want. OpenCart offers 13,000+ extensions for those who want to create awesome and powerful ecommerce stores.

WooCommerce customization is just like the customization of your WordPress site. At present, there are a large number of related templates available that are offered by theme designers, third parties and

Update Requirements

update requirementsOpenCart is an independent platform, and you are responsible for its maintenance, security, installation and a successful business. You have to upgrade manually whenever a site upgrade is available.

WooCommerce has automatic update system, but this system can sometimes harm your website, becoming hard to troubleshoot and fix the error.

Documentation and Support

OpenCart provides good documentation as it is developed by a small team, but the free version of OpenCart does not offer customer support.

WooCommerce does not offer great documentation, and the support system is not great. You will have to buy extensions or the pro version to get support and other advanced features.

What Should be Your Choice?

If you are a blogger and you want to extend the functionality of your website, go with WooCommerce. It does not take much time, and you can earn some extra money with your site. But, if you are planning to build an independent ecommerce platform then, OpenCart should be your best choice. It can give you much flexibility and full control over your site.

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