OpenCart VS PrestaShop – Find the More Powerful eCommerce Software

OpenCart VS PrestaShop – Find the More Powerful eCommerce Software

Coming with all of the features people need to get their eCommerce business off the ground, OpenCart and PrestaShop are 2 of the most popular free and open source eCommerce software, used by millions of people around the world. However, which is more powerful? To make it clear, we have worked out a comprehensive review on the features of the 2 systems.

In below, we have listed the similarities and differences between the 2 software.


Rage of Available Extensions

It is important to note that both of the 2 software have a fantastic range of extensions for the more common features online shop owners want to add to their store, such as Facebook and Twitter integration and blog.


Now, OpenCart and PrestaShop are both available in many different languages, which enables users to set an unlimited numbers of translation on their shops, such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Italian, and so on.


The 2 eCommerce software both have multi-store abilities that allow users to manage multiple stores from one admin interface. There are many advantages in being able to set up multiple stores, including theming each store differently to match the products that are being sold, setting products to an appearance on specific stores, localizing each store by setting a different default language, currency, and tax class, and so on.


OpenCart and PrestaShop both allow flexible modules and are fully integrated with major carriers, providing users reliable shipping options and the ability to include custom messages.


When coming across any problem, users are able to contact the professional and experienced technical support staffs at the 2 companies through phone call and email, which ensures users can run their businesses without any distraction.

SEO Optimized

Having a high search engine ranking for keywords related to users’ products can mean the difference if the store takes a high number of sales or not. Both of the 2 software are search optimized, ensuring major search engines are indexing the store. In addition, through placing high trafficked keywords in site tags, a store can be seen on the first page of Google.


However, the 2 software also have many differences. In below, we have listed the main differences between them.

Content management

OpenCart has a very solid but simple content management tool for non-product pages within the eCommerce websites, annoyingly know as information rather than page in the administration panel. On the other hand, the content management of PrestaShop is pretty smooth and a little more developed that its competitor.

Administration panel

The administration panel of OpenCart is very user-friendly, which includes a lot of irritating and strange design decisions that make simple tasks become frustrating, while that of PrestaShop is a little bit better than its competitor’s, but there are still many messy omissions.


OpenCart’s default theme improved drastically between versions 1.4 and 1.5, though it is still fairly primitive in terms of abstraction of data, expect a lot of PHP snippets in users’ HTML. However, with the default theme being a little more attractive, PrestaShop is more developed in this aspect.


With the ability to group by the manufacturer and attribute, OpenCart handles a large amount of products fairly easily. Moreover, an OpenCart store for a client has around 1,500 products in it, with no problems on the development server. Nevertheless, people who adopt PrestaShop to build eCommerce websites don’t face any limitations in the quantity of products and attributes that they can display and sell in their stores.

Checkout Process

OpenCart has a pretty nice 1-page checkout system, though it relies heavily on JavaScript with no accessible fallbacks, while PrestaShop’s checkout process is split into 5 steps, but it is very well thought and easily customizable.


From all the similarities and differences we have listed above, we can learn that both OpenCart and PrestaShop are great open source eCommerce options. However, the latter is more suitable for getting a larger business store, and the former is still good for getting a smaller business store.

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