nopCommerce Review on Features & Support

nopCommerce Review on Features & Support

nopCommerce is one of the most famous source shopping carts, just like PrestaShop, 3DCart, osCommerce and many other programs, allowing people to set up their online business stores in an easy and convenient manner.

If you are planning to open a new online store and you are wondering whether this tool is a good option or not, then this nopCommerce review is definitely going to assist you out. It contains useful information regarding all the features that are offered by nopCommerce to its clients. Read this article and you are surely going to know whether nopCommerce is the perfect resource for you to maintain your online store.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is also called mCommerce. It is the ability of a website to conduct trade with the help of mobile devices. nopCommerce allows the users in creating the mobile versions of their websites by suing the user-friendly graphical interface with the help of a single click. The best thing about nopCommerce is that it allows people to start an online business via mobiles without any hassle.

Multi-Store Allowance

nopCommerce contains the feature of multi-store that helps users in running multiple stores from the one installation of nopCommerce. This way, you are able to operate several domains from a single panel of administration. You can also share data of catalogues between the stores. With this feature, your customers are able to login to all the stores via the same credentials.

Product Features

nopCommerce Review - Product FeatureIn addition to the mobile compatibility and the allowance for the building of multiple websites in one time, this tool is also attractive when it comes to the product features.

Product Attributes: You can create as many attributes as possible for the products according to your loving colour and designs. All of these attributes have their own stock level, image, weight and price. You can easily add the options of texts on the products. You can also upload variant files as well.

Product Comparison: This helps you in making comparison of the products, features and options side by side. This helps in removing the work of guessing from the clients.

Management of Stocks: The inventory management allows you as the owners of the stores to discern the available quantity of the stock. You can also manage the pre-orders and back-orders for your products too. Partial deliveries and multiple ware houses are supported.

Prices: This tool allows for a flexible pricing system allowing you to have a full control. You can easily permit your clients to enter the price of the products. On the other hand, you can also hide the prices from the customers who are not registered when the registration is needed for security.

nopCommerce Review - Product RatingsDownloadable Products: nopCommerce also allows you to sell downloadable products like ebooks and music files. This can help in the enhancement and selling diversity of your online stores.

Ratings and Product Reviews: This is the best kind of marketing as people can be convinced better by the online rating contributed by many other users. nopCommerce asks the feedback of the customers on the products and then allows other people to know about these reviews.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of your website in the search engines. nopCommerce gathers all those features that are considered necessary for improving the SEO efforts. You are provided with great access to the management of customized URLs and keyword tags. This provides your online store with more weight in the search engines, and more people are likely to see you on the web.


The services of anonymous checkouts, one-page checkouts and checkout attributes are offered by nopCommerce to its clients. In addition to these features, phone order support, dimensional support, multicurrency support and support for configurable measure weights are also provided to the customers.


nopCommerce Review - MarketingnopCommerce has maintained a reward point system. All the points can be easily redeemed by the customers on the purchase of extra products. In addition to this, it also provides the feature of social media marketing to the clients as well. Complete support is provided that is relevant to the product. nopCommerce also offers coupons and discounts to the clients. Gift cards and several other promotion strategies are adopted by nopCommerce.

Payment Procedures

There are so many payment channels supported by nopCommerce for the convenience of online dealing. You are also allowed to restrict the methods of payments according to the currency of every country it serves.

Shipping Features

nopCommerce allows you to restrict the available methods of shipping according to every country. The rates of shipping can be configured by you easily on the basis of the weight of the total order. All kinds of shipping methods are being used by nopCommerce.

Customer Services

You can easily add or subtract any sort of attributes for the customers. The feature of external authentication system allows your customers to handle the process of registration and login easily. Similarly, there are several other features like wishlist, RTL support and EU cookie law for you to use to better manage your business.


Without doubt, this tool is a great option for starting an online business. Besides this review, we also have listed some top web hosting companies that can offer the great services to run nopCommerce effectively. Check the recommendation chart in the following.