Nexcess Review – Is the Shared Hosting Really Good for Open Source Apps?

Nexcess Review – Is the Shared Hosting Really Good for Open Source Apps?

Headquartered in Michigan, Nexcess has experienced a fast growth since its inception in 2000 out of the founders’ garage. It owns multiple data centers and provides most types of hosting services, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, etc to attract users within the United States and beyond.

Since this company seems to focus much marketing efforts on open source application hosting services, we are going to carry out a selective analysis on its shared hosting packages. In this Nexcess review, we will reveal both the strong points and shortcomings to help readers check out whether it is a good choice for hosting open source applications.

Nexcess Review

  • Reputation
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Feature
    rating 2 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 3 of 5
  • Support
    rating 3 of 5
  • Price

It has to be noted that in the following sections, we take Magento and WordPress as the sample open source applications. If you desire an in-depth review of Nexcess Drupal hosting services, you can visit this page.

Pros of Nexcess Open Source Application Hosting

Based on users’ feedback together with our editors’ real experience, we’ve found the following strong points of the company.

Optimized hosting platforms

With years of experience in hosting open source applications, Nexcess have reached a certain number of users, the majority of which assume their praise on its optimized hosting platforms.

Over the years, the company has spared many efforts in tuning and tweaking the hardware, web server, network, and other aspects of its hosting environment to ensure that their open source hosting services are reliable, secure, and fast. Check the following list for some highlights of the company’s hosting platforms.

  • Dell enterprise-level servers with dual Intel Xeon Processors
  • Secured and routinely updated X86 64bit CentOS
  • Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) for maximum security
  • 100% fully PCI compliant Secure Isolated Platforms (SIPs) for Magento hosting
  • High-performance WordPress Optimized Blog Platforms (WP-OBPs)

A full range of hosting options

Nexcess provides a full range of hosting options for open source applications like Magento and WordPress. Since the company has made some changes to its hosting plans in the US, UK, and Australia to meet the different needs of users, we are going to take its US-based hosting options as an example to illustrate this point in a more comprehensive manner.

For Magento hosting, the company designs four plans in total. And for WordPress hosting, it offers three hosting plans. The main differences of these plans lie in the prices and available server resources that we will detail in the following parts. With these scalable hosting options in hand, users are granted with more flexibility when upgrading or downgrading their plans.

Solid hosting Infrastructures

Besides high-performance web servers, Nexcess also leverages other solid hosting infrastructures to back its open source application hosting services.

It utilizes seven data centers in Southfield, Dearborn, San Francisco, Miami, Brisbane (Australia), Byfleet (UK), and Amsterdam (Netherlands). These data centers feature redundant power supplies, 24×7 monitoring, nightly backup, and other robust facilities and advanced measures.

Thanks for these robust infrastructures, Nexcess maintains a good uptime record. As the following screen capture shows, it has succeeded in ensuring that users’ websites are up 99.94% of the time in the previous month, even slightly better than its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Nexcess Uptime

Cons of Nexcess Open Source Application Hosting

Despite the strong points mentioned above, Nexcess is not competitive in the following aspects.

Premium pricing level for hosting services

Price value is one of the industry-acknowledged criteria to judge whether a hosting provider is a good choice for open source application hosting and any other hosting services. From this perspective, Nexcess is far from competitive.

Mentioned in the sections above, this company provides four hosting plans for Magento hosting that are named as SIP 100, SIP 200, SIP 300, and SIP MR. In regular, it charges these plans $19.95/mo, $74.95/mo, $189.95/mo, and $114.95/mo. To be frank, Nexcess pricing level is very possibly at the top of the industry’s standard.

As for WordPress hosting, it rates the three plans, WP-OBP 100, WP-OBP 200, and WP-OBP 300 at $11.95/mo, $41.95/mo, and $141.95/mo in respective. Compared to those best WordPress hosting companies that we have honored in 2015, Nexcess is not budget-friendly.

Limited allocation of server resources

As a matter of fact, Nexcess includes all basic hosting features in their plans, such as supporting PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and other critical programming scripts.

However, there remain some obvious limitations with the hosting features, top of which is the limited allocation of server resources. A real example is Magento hosting. To make it more intuitive, we have formed the following table to display more detailed feature offerings available with all Magento hosting plans.

Feature SIP 100 SIP 200 SIP 300 SIP MR
Disk Space 7.5GB 25GB 55GB 35GB
Bandwidth 75GB 125GB 250GB 200GB
Dedicated IP 1 1 1 5
Additional Stores 9 24 49 Unlimited
Accounts per Server 30 13 4 8
Price $19.95/mo $74.95/mo $189.95/mo $114.95/mo

Relatively slow hosting speed

Even though the company has done a good job in achieving good uptime record, it fails to guarantee users with blazing-fast hosting speed, which becomes one of the most distinct shortcomings of its open source hosting services.

By our monitoring results, Nexcess has consumed an average of 680ms for responding to server requests. In general, its server response time is not satisfying compared with the industry-standard 400ms. Moreover, when compared with other leading web hosts like InMotion Hosting who takes only 237ms, the company obviously lacks of competitiveness.

Nexcess Server Response Time

Other shortcomings of Nexcess

Besides the fore-mentioned drawbacks, there are some other shortcomings about Nexcess open source hosting services listed as below.

  • 30-day money back guarantee that is not as long as others’ 90-day or anytime for users to try out the hosting services
  • No 1-click installer to simplify the installation of commonly-used open source applications
  • No free marketing credits for users to promote their businesses
  • No live chat support leading to some inconvenience for users to get timely help

Conclusion & Suggestion

From this in-depth Nexcess review, it is obvious that this company is not a good choice. Its hosting services are provided at fairly premium prices. Moreover, it has some other noticeable shortcomings, such as including limited server resources, guaranteeing slow hosting speed, etc.

Therefore, we recommend the following better alternatives for you to host WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and many other open source applications. These companies have endured many rigorous tests and outperformed the rest regarding reputation, price, feature, speed, uptime, technical support, and other aspects.