Network Solutions VS BlueHost – Which Is the Better Linux Shared Hosting Provider

Network Solutions VS BlueHost – Which Is the Better Linux Shared Hosting Provider

Both Network Solutions and BlueHost are 2 famous web hosting providers in a world scale, offering multiple kinds of Linux hosting services and enjoying a high reputation. Besides, the 2 hosts share a lot of similarities in shared hosting packages, which makes people don’t know which is the better choice. Therefore, we have worked out a comprehensive comparison Network Solutions VS BlueHost to list the similarities and differences between their Linux shared hosting packages.

Before writing this comparison, we have been hosting 2 of our same-sized Joomla sites on the 2 companies’ shared platforms for months and reading tens of hundreds of customer reviews on the web, so this comparison is 100% impartial. In addition, we developed the rating table below to display the ratings of their Linux shared hosting packages. Learn details in below.

Rating Network Solutions BlueHost
Plan in Review Professional Hosting Basic Plan
Overall 3.5 stars 5 stars
Features 3.5 stars 5 stars
Loading Speed 3 stars 5 stars
Reliability 3 stars 5 stars
Technical Support 4 stars 5 stars
Price $9.96/mo $2.95/mo
Recommend No Yes
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Who Are Network Solutions and BlueHost?

Network Solutions is an established name under the management of, a huge web hosting organization. In the year of 2003, Network Solutions decided to provide web hosting services. And then it became a part of in 2011. This web host used to have a good reputation. The constant security issues have a huge impact on the growth. The custom control panel, the lack of chat support, and more are also the major concerns for new customers.

Just like the competitor, BlueHost entered into hosting field in 2003. At present, however, BlueHost is one of the leading web hosts with a large user base and a good reputation. The quality service quality is the key factor for the good reputation among webmasters. At the same time, BlueHost focuses on providing budget web hosting solutions which are based on Linux operating system.

By comparison, Network Solution is inferior to BlueHost. The detailed reasons can be found from the following text.

Plans & Price

PriceTo ensure customers are able to choose a proper package to meet their needs, Network Solutions offers 3 different Linux shared hosting plans: Essential Hosting, Professional Hosting and Premium Hosting. The 3 plans respectively charge for $9.96/mo, $15.78/mo and $21.62/mo, coming with a free domain name. In this way, customers are able to save a certain amount of money. Besides, to ensure the purchase is worry-free, risk-free, easy and safe, this host provides 30 days money back guarantee and supports both PayPal and credit cards.

Unlike its competitor offering 3 Linux shared hosting solutions, BlueHost, one of the top 10 web hosting companies, provides 3 Linux shared hosting plans that are priced starting at $7.99/mo regularly. However, people who subscribe to this plan by going through the promotional link as follows are able to get a considerable discount and cut the price down to $2.95/mo.

Charging for $2.95/mo only, the service comes with many extra benefits, including 30-day full refund, 1 free domain name, $200 advertising vouchers, and so forth. As for payment method, BlueHost accepts both credit cards and PayPal, making the purchase convenient and secure.

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FeatureIn terms of hosting feature, the 2 companies have many things in common, such as unlimited monthly data transfer helping customers run websites smoothly, a 1-click script installer enabling customers to install any of 100+ popular CMS within 1 minute, a large number of email boxes making customers create enough email accounts, backups enhancing site security and much more.

However, they also have many differences, among which the most significant one is control panel. Network Solutions provides their shared hosting customers with their own control panel that is user-friendly, but makes people who are used to cPanel feel difficult to get started. On the other hand, BlueHost offers the most easy-to-use control panel – cPanel that helps customers manage their sites and accounts easily.

To help our readers know the detailed feature information, we have made the following table. Note that Network Solutions Professional Hosting and BlueHost Professional are selected because of their similar prices.

Feature Network Solutions BlueHost
Plan in Comparison WebHosting Basic Plan
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 300 GB Unlimited
cPanel No Yes
Free Domain 1 1
Email Accounts 1,000 Unlimited
Shared SSL No Yes
PHP 5.4 No Yes
Python Yes Yes
Perl No Yes
PostgreSQL No Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
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Uptime & Speed

Network Solutions made a guarantee to provide all people using their Linux hosting services with solid 99.99% uptime and did lots of hard work to fulfill this commitment. They have invested numerous funds in their data centers and equipped each of the data centers with high performance serves, power supply, and armed security. According to our monitoring result, the uptime of this host of last month is 99.95% that is less than what they promised to offer.

As for BlueHost, this provider has invested 20+ million dollars in their 3 world-class data centers, each of which is equipped with hundreds of quality Dell servers, UPS, dozens of diesel generators and many other cutting-edge technologies. In addition, there are 100+ technicians monitoring the data centers and server 24×7, aiming to deal with any unexpected issues as soon as possible to ensure customers are capable of running websites with the least sudden interruptions. See BlueHost uptime of the past 30 days in this chart.

What’s more, both of the 2 providers know that speed is one of the biggest concerns of webmasters around the world, so they have adopted many outstanding facilities and technologies. According to the information we collected on the web, 87% Network Solutions customers are satisfied with the speed they got and almost 100% BlueHost customers are pleased with the speed their host provided. Besides, our monitoring result shows that the server response time of Network Solutions is 580ms and that of its competitor is 320ms. Learn BlueHost server response time of last month in the following chart.

Customer Service

Customer ServiceThe 2 web host both have been dedicated to offering quality technical support for many years, allowing customers to contact them through phone and email 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All support staffs in their support teams are professional and experienced, so that they are able to help customers resolve issues quickly. In addition, technicians and engineers in the 2 companies have developed many useful articles and video tutorials to teach customers how to solve common issues effortlessly.

What’s more, BlueHost also allows customers to contact them 24×7 by starting a live chat, making people who don’t like to speak to strangers online or unable to speak English friendly get instant and efficient assistance.


According to the aspect-to-aspect comparison above, it can be concluded that both Network Solutions and BlueHost offer affordable, feature rich and reliable Linux shared hosting plans and quality customer service via phone and email, but the latter’s hosting service is faster. Besides, BlueHost live chat service enables all customers to get instant help to solve problems, so it is the better Linux shared hosting provider.