Netfirms Coupon – Get the Best Netfirms Discount

Netfirms Coupon – Get the Best Netfirms Discount

As an eco-friendly company, Netfirms offers a full range of hosting solutions for individuals, startup businesses and growing companies. For webmasters who wish to sign up for the Plus plan but don’t want to pay full price, this company grants a time-limited 63% discount. To get this sale price, a promo code HOSTINGPROMO11 is required during the sign-up process.

As you can see, Netfirms has three web hosting plans (Advantage, Plus and Business), all of which include 12/24/36-month billing cycles. Obviously, the longer your registration period, the cheaper the price is. The cheapest price of Plus plan is $3.49/mo, but you can enjoy a 63%-discounted price of $2.49/mo by validating the HOSTINGPROMO11 coupon code.

Netfirms Plus Regular Price

For account cancellation, Netfirms guarantees a full refund of all hosting fees within the 30 days of purchase. However, as is documented, this 30-day money back guarantee is only valid for credit card payments.

Netfirms Money Back Guarantee

How to Redeem Netfirms Coupon Code?

Step 1: Before signing up the Netfirms Plus plan, you should choose between billing cycles. Given that you’ve clicked the radio button next to the “2-Year Billing” option, just scroll down and press this “Sign Up Now” button to proceed.

Sign Up Plus

Step 2: And then, you can either register a new domain or point an existing domain of yours to this new host. This “Check Availability” button will check whether the filled-in domain is still available.

Select a Domain Name

Step 3: Drop down this “Billing Information” page until you see a section labelled as “Enter a Promotion Code (Optional)”. Just copy and paste the HOSTINGPROMO11 promo code in the box. Do check this “Apply” button to take effect.

Apply Plus Promo Code