NameCheap VS BlueHost on Shared & VPS Hosting

NameCheap VS BlueHost on Shared & VPS Hosting

Established in 2001, NameCheap is a web hosting provider founded by Richard Kirkendall. BlueHost, launched in 2003, is one of the best hosting providers who are reputed for their friendly technical support. The two companies offer a series of hosting services, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.

Focusing on shared and VPS hosting of NameCheap and BlueHost, this in-depth comparison aims to make clear that which is better. Analyzing from several significant aspects for hosting, including price, feature, customer satisfaction and performance, this comparison is objective.

Rating namecheap BlueHost
Reputation 3 stars 5 stars
Features 2.5 stars 4.5 stars
Loading Speed 3 stars 5 stars
Reliability 3 stars 5 stars
Technical Support 2.5 stars 4.5 stars
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Shared Hosting – Price & Features

NameCheap releases four shared hosting plans called Value, Professional, Ultimate and Business SSD. The sale prices of them are $9.88/yr, $19.88/yr, $29.88/yr and $17.88/mo if you purchase them yearly and choose US-base data center. After 1-year term, the prices of the first three plans will renew at $38.88/yr, $78.88/yr, $129.88/yr.

BlueHost launches Basic, Plus and Prime at the regular prices of $7.99/mo, $10.99/mo and $19.99/mo. The following exclusive promotion link enables you to get up to 63% discounts. After that, the price of the primary package is lowered to $2.95/mo. Likewise, three billing cycles are offered, including 12-month term, 24-month term and 36-month term.

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Obviously, the two companies offer shared hosting at the same price level. Though the original price of BlueHost is slightly higher than that of NameCheap, its discounted price is quite competitive. More importantly, it is unwise to put the price at the first place when there is no significant difference.

Here we select the Professional plan from NameCheap and Basic plan from BlueHost to analyze their features because the two plans share the closest original prices.

Feature NameCheap BlueHost
Plan in Comparison Professional Basic
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 50 GB 50 GB
Free Domain Registration No Yes
Email Accounts Unlimited 5
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby No Yes
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes
Cron Jobs Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 14 Days 30 Days
Regular Price $78.88/yr($6.57/mo) $7.99/mo
Current Price $1.65/mo(first year only) $2.95/mo
Conclusion Not recommended Recommended

As you can see, BlueHost has more features than NameCheap. Besides the amount of disk space, BlueHost provides the development tools which are helpful for you to build website, such as Perl while the other not. In addition, BlueHost supports free domain registration while NameCheap not.

Another point you need to know is that though NameCheap also includes Cron Jobs, sometimes they can use excessive server resource if they are run often.

VPS Hosting – Price & Features

When it comes to NameCheap VPS plans, fours packages are involved – VPS Lite – Xen, VPS 1 – Xen, VPS 2 – Xen, and VPS 3 – Xen. They are monthly rated at $19.95/mo, $29.95/mo, $49.95/mo and $69.95/mo. There are four billing cycles you can choose, involving 1-month term, 3-month term, 6-month term and 12-month term.

Comparatively, four VPS plans are shared by BlueHost, including Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate at the regular price of $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, and $119.99/mo. However, now you can get such plans with only $19.99/mo, $29.99/mo, and $59.99/mo for the first month by clicking the following promotion link. All the prices mentioned above are based on 1-year term. If you want to purchase them monthly, you need to pay $29.99/mo for the first plan.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

The following feature comparison is designed to find which offers richer resources by choosing the VPS Lite – Xen plan from NameCheap and Standard plan from BlueHost.

Feature NameCheap BlueHost
Plan in Comparison VPS Lite – Xen Standard
RAM 512 MB 2 GB
Disk Space 15 GB 30 GB
Data Transfer 100 GB 1 TB
CPU Core 1 2
Dedicated IP 1 1
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes
Price $19.95/mo $19.99/mo
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This table clearly indicates that BlueHost offers more features with lower price. Firstly, this company includes more RAM, web storage, data transfer and CPU cores. What’s more, it provides a relatively longer time for their customers to experience the services and ask for their money back if they are not satisfied.

Refund Policy

As we’ve mentioned before, NameCheap offers a 14-day money back guarantee, which is far from enough for users to check whether its hosting services are suitable or not. What’s more depressing is it does not promise any pro-rated refund after the initial 14 days.

BlueHost, on the other hand, provides an fairly reasonable refund policy to protect users’ interests. Besides offering a full refund for those who are not satisfied with its hosting services and terminate their accounts within the first thirty days, BlueHost issues a pro-rated refund for the unused terms.

For users’ sake, the company has made the cancellation process quite simple. If in any case you find that BlueHost hosting services are not satisfying, you can send your cancellation request to [email protected] or simply contact the support staffs via its phone or live chat systems. BlueHost will handle your request as soon as possible.

Uptime and Speed

With regard to reliability, NameCheap claims to offer 99.9% uptime. This company has different data center locations in USA, such as Phoenix, Chicago and Dallas. All of their data centers are powered by dual power generators, constant monitoring system and advanced cooling technologies to ensure the stability of their servers. However, according to our two-year close monitoring, it is not that fast and stable as it declares. Usually its response time is longer than 500ms and occasional downtimes within a month are very annoying.

BlueHost utilizes open source technologies, like OpenStack and KVM, to provide powerful and easy-to-use web hosting. In order to ensure fast content delivery, the company takes more than 20 million dollars to build their world-class data centers in America. Moreover, more than 99.9% uptime is accomplished by this web host.

Similarly, we have done a test on NameCheap and BlueHost server response time to evaluate which company guarantees a faster hosting environment. As you can see from the following chart, BlueHost has consumed an average of 320ms for answering to a server request in the previous month, roughly 78% faster than NameCheap.

According to the illustrations above, BlueHost has outperformed its opponent for maintaining a better uptime record and delivering contents of users’ websites in a faster manner.

Technical Support

Although NameCheap attaches great importance on their technical support by offering live chat and email system, it seems that this company encourages their users to ask for help via email because their live chat is not so efficient. Another disadvantage of this company is that they do not provide phone call support, which is not convenient for users to get instant assistance.

By contrast, the technical support of BlueHost is premium. Its 100% US-based support is available 24×7 through multiple contacting methods, such as the online chat, email, toll-free phone, and ticket. The company’s experienced and well-educated technical staffs are capable of solving any issues that users have come across.

Moreover, BlueHost provides hundreds of helpful articles, guides, and video tutorials in its knowledgebase, with which users are able to learn many aspects of their websites and accounts. Also, it maintains a comprehensive forum, encouraging users to exchange their views and experiences with each other over the web.

Final Judgement – BlueHost Is Recommended

As a matter of fact, there is no 100% web hosts. Such is the case with NameCheap and BlueHost. To make a choice between the two web hosts, BlueHost is undoubtedly the better option on both shared and VPS hosting.

Though being a cheap hosting provider, NameCheap is not user-friendly in the long run. The 0.82/mo for the first year and $3.24/mo after the first term could be a trick on you. There is a great possibility that you will transfer your website due to the constant downtime and slow speed. However, it is difficult to move your website without losing your data, traffic, and more. Thus we advise you to leave NameCheap out of consideration from the beginning.

It is true that BlueHost is not as cheap as the rival, but you are more assured with a better money back guarantee, more feature offerings, a better hosting environment, and better technical support.

As a result, if you are looking for a trust-worthy web host, we recommend BlueHost. Besides providing high-quality shared and VPS hosting services, the company also offers application-focused hosting as well as dedicated servers. Therefore, no matter what type of hosting services you are desiring, BlueHost will get your needs covered.