NameCheap vs Arvixe on Hosting a Blog

NameCheap vs Arvixe on Hosting a Blog

This NameCheap vs Arvixe comparison is about their widely-adopted blog hosting solution. In fact, as more and more people are willing to start their blog sites to achieve different purposes, the blog hosting has become a common product offered by almost all the web hosts. However, this does not mean that you can get the same level of hosting service from all of them. Instead, the hosting quality varies greatly due to different reasons.

In this case, to make sure that your blog site can run properly, you need to choose the truly worth-trying service provider. And these two web hosts are just the hot choices recommended by many webmasters. If you are confused about the blog hosting offered by them, you can have a look at the below comparison to learn their strong aspects and weak aspects, and then, choose the better one according to your real situation and hosting needs.

General Rating Chart

Firstly, you can check the below general rating chart that is made by our editors who have personally tried the blog hosting offered by NameCheap and Arvixe. To come out the result, we have compared each of their hosting packages for the prices and features, monitored their service for the speed and uptime and asked for the technical support for the reply professionalism. Even, we have gathered some reviews online to check how their customers rate them.

According to the final result, we personally think Arvixe achieves the better blog hosting service than NameCheap.

Rating NameCheap Arvixe
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What They Are In Common?

No matter you are looking to create a blog site for sharing something or for connecting with the public online, you have to make sure that your personal blog is always available on the web. This directly influences your traffic, SEO, professionalism and reading experiences.

Due to this kind of importance, both NameCheap and Arvixe have done a lot to improve the overall hosting reliability and have successfully maintained the good uptime record as we have tested.

NameCheap Blog Hosting

This hosting provider works with a number of data centers that are placed across North America and the Europe for the location of their well-developed web servers. With the redundant architecture, they simply achieve a stable environment for the email delivery and blog running. In addition, all the data centers they use have the fully redundant systems for security, network, cooling and power supply.

Note that NameCheap now has three primary data center locations and another three secondary locations. When placing the order, you even have the freedom to locate your server at the US option or the UK option.

According to the monitoring result, we have found that NameCheap succeeds in giving us a 99.93% uptime.

Arvixe Blog Hosting

The component, quality and specification of the web servers mean a lot for the hosting reliability. In this case, Arvixe simply makes sure that all of their server machines are the factory products of DELL, which come with the SCSI drives, SSD arrays, RAID 10, Intel processors and at least 92 GB of memory. This way, your blog site can be ensured to run in the most stable environment.

In addition, the data centers adopted by this hosting provider are the world-class options. In this case, all the server machines can run with the proper climate, uninterrupted power supply, secure entrance and no unexpected disasters.

As for the uptime achieved by Arvixe, we have got a relatively better result than NameCheap, which is around 99.96% on average.

What They Are Different From Each Other?

In fact, we have found a lot of differences between the blog hosting of NameCheap and Arvixe. After comparing these aspects one by one, we think Arvixe wins most of these games. Learn the detailed information as below.

Package Prices – NameCheap Offers the Cheaper Service

Although both Arvixe and NameCheap are the affordable blog hosting providers, we still need to admit that NameCheap is the cheaper option. This web host has 4 hosting plans that charge you from $0.82/mo to $17.98/mo. To be frank, this kind of hosting rate leaves no financial burden for most webmasters.

However, we have to emphasize that these cheap prices are only valid for the annual billing cycle. Once your hosting account expires, you have to renew the account at the renew price starting at $3.24/mo.

Arvixe achieves the cheap hosting rate by offering the coupon code BWH360, with which you can activate a 30% discount to cut the price from $4/mo to $2.8/mo.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

Features and Beneficial Extras – Arvixe Offers More

In addition to the charge, the hosting feature is also an essential part to figure out which of them offers the more cost-effective service. Based on the comparison, we have found that Arvixe offers more useful features than NameCheap.

  • Server resources – Arvixe allows an unlimited volume of storage and bandwidth. NameCheap, however, restricts your usage of disk space that starts at 20 GB.
  • Domains allowed – Arvixe allows you to host at least 6 domains on your hosting account while NameCheap sets the restriction starting at 3 only.
  • Free domain – The free domain offered by Arvixe is valid for the whole life, but that of NameCheap can only be used without charges for the first year.
  • Money back – Arvixe allows the 60 days money back guarantee but NameCheap only allows 14 days.
  • Advertising credits – Arvixe allows $100 for Google AdWords and another $100 for Yahoo and Bing advertising. NameCheap, however, does not offer this add-on.
Features NameCheap Arvixe
Storage 20 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Allowed 3 6
cPanel Yes Yes
Free Domain Valid for a year Valid for life
Money Back 30 days 60 days
Free Credits No $200
How to Claim Not Recommended BWH360

Hosting Safe and Security – Arvixe Pays More Attention

Hosting security is a critical aspect for each quality web host. In this case, both NameCheap and Arvixe offer the Shell Access used to operate the SFTP for file encryption before transferring and the SSL support to ensure the risk-free connection and communication on the web for web browsing, email sending, instant messaging and many more.

However, in addition to these, Arvixe also offers some other related features to ensure the secure hosting.

  • Password protection to privatize your files, folders and directories within the hosting account.
  • Spam assassin to detect and identify all the spam signatures, virus and potential dangers.
  • DDos response service to figure out and deal with all the DDos attacks.
  • Brute force detection to block the attempts by all the hackers.

Page Loading Speed – Arvixe Achieves the Faster Speed

Based on our testing, we can conclude that Arvixe ensures the faster hosting speed than NameCheap. In fact, we have found a lot of speeding up technologies used by Arvixe for the better hosting performance. For instance, they adopt the enterprise-level 15K RPM drives with the RAID 10 arrangement, along with the CloudFlare CDN service to accelerate the page loading of your site.

Technical Support – Arvixe Allows More Channels

The support service we get from Arvixe is really professional. With this web host, we can be assisted 24/7 via various ways that include the email, instant conversation, ticket and phone. In addition, as tested, their support staffs can always give us the fast reply coming with a useful answer.

As for NameCheap, their support team is also well-trained. However, as compared with the service of Arvixe, this web host does not offer the phone support. This means you cannot contact them using the cellphone to explain your issues and to get an instant resolution.


Clearly, Arvixe offers the better blog hosting service than NameCheap in the aspects of features, security, support and speed. In addition, this web host leaves a positive impression for their real customers. The below chart explains how they satisfy these webmasters.