NameCheap vs A2Hosting for Budget Blog Hosting

NameCheap vs A2Hosting for Budget Blog Hosting

Looking for a great blog hosting provider to support your blog site? NameCheap and A2Hosting must be your top considerations, both of which are the famous companies that have been recommended and awarded by a lot of industry authorities, experienced bloggers and review platforms.

  • NameCheap was found in the year of 2000. At present, they have become a reliable ICANN certified domain name registrar and hosting provider. With the stable growth, this web host now has more than 2 million customers along with over 5 million domains under their management.
  • A2Hosting was found in March, 2003. As the BBB accredited company, they have done great in the aspects of the high-performing and ultra-reliable solution, guru crew technical support and the competitive features.

This time, we have made a NameCheap vs A2Hosting comparison here, which mainly discusses their reliability level, hosting speed, hosting cost and support quality. With the comparing result, you can easily pick up the better one to host your blog site.

The following chart displays the editorial rating of NameCheap and A2Hosting, which is based on the personal hosting experiences of our reviewers.

Rating NameCheap A2Hosting
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NameCheap vs A2Hosting – What They Have Done Similarly

As both of these two web hosts are the well-known options, they must have done something in common to attract and satisfy a large number of webmasters. After comparing them, we can conclude that they all achieve the quality support and the easy hosting service.

Responsive Technical Support

The responsive technical support is essential for both newcomers and advanced bloggers. Luckily, both NameCheap and A2Hosting have done well for this aspect. They all have a group of support staffs who can be contacted 24/7. After trying their services personally, we can conclude that they succeed in ensuring the fast response speed along with the professional answers. All the support representatives we have talked with are professional and patient, answering our questions and dealing with our issues in the most effective manner.

Easy Hosting for Blog Management and Creation

There are a lot of user-friendly blog builders you can use to run a blog site effortlessly. Here, both NameCheap and A2Hosting ensure the 100% compatibility for these scripts by meeting all of their technical requirements. In addition, the 1-click script installer is available for both of these two web hosts, with which you can install your target script automatically without the complicated manual steps.

Even, these two hosting providers offer the cPanel control panel for you to control your blog site along with the hosting account. This control panel is of the intuitive interface and almost no learning curve, which is a great option for newbies especially.

How Can NameCheap Win Over A2Hosting

NameCheap is better than A2Hosting in two aspects mainly – the hosting charges and product range. Check the details here.

NameCheap Charges Less Than A2Hosting

Frankly speaking, their blog hosting plans are of the low charges, which start at $0.82/mo only. Even, if you are looking for more features and choose the most expensive plan that is named as Business SSD, you will not be charged for more than $18/mo. Here, we need to mention that these are the promotional prices that are valid for the 1-year billing cycle only.

As for the hosting charges of A2Hosting, you need to pay starting at $7.99/mo. However, you now can get a 51% discount by signing up through this link. This way, you can be charged starting at $3.92/mo only. Surely, this level of cost is not as affordable as that of NameCheap, but still can be afforded easily by most common bloggers.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

NameCheap Has the Larger Product Range than A2Hosting

Actually, the main offering of A2Hosting is the hosting solution. However, if you choose NameCheap, you can get a lot of services and products other than the hosting service, such as the domain service, security service, email service, advanced applications and many more.

How Can A2Hosting Win Over NameCheap

Based on this comparison, we have found a lot of highlights for A2Hosting to edge over NameCheap.

A2Hosting Allows More Support Channels than NameCheap

It is true that both of them ensure the high-quality support service. However, A2Hosting is even better by offering more support channels.

With NameCheap, you can contact their support team only by clicking the live chat button and opening a new ticket. With A2Hosting, however, your choices are various. In addition to the common ticket support and the live chat support, you can also get the email and the phone support based on your convenience and preference.

A2Hosting Is Faster than NameCheap

A2Hosting cares their hosting performance a lot. In order to achieve and to keep the fast hosting speed, they have made so many efforts as discussed in the following.

  • They ensure the efficient and fast network protocol by leveraging the multiplexing.
  • With the technology of CloudLinux, your website can perform well even during the traffic spikes.
  • The content delivery network of CloudFlare along with the SSD drives can enhance your website performance greatly.
  • There is an exclusive A2Hosting server that is called as the Turbo server, with which you can enjoy the enhanced hosting performance, the advanced Turbo Cache, great website stability, fewer server users and less CPU consumption.
  • A2Hosting allows you to choose the server location so as to shorten the distance between your server and your readers.

Surely, NameCheap is not a slow hosting provider. When comparing with A2Hosting, however, they simply lag behind.

Here, you can get the clear impression via the below chart, which is made based on the real-world testing of these two web hosts.

A2Hosting Offers More Features than NameCheap

Surely, they all include the most basic and necessary hosting features into their blog hosting plans, such as unlimited bandwidth, cPanel, multiple emails accounts, multiple domain hosting, multiple FTP accounts, SSH, PHP, Perl, Ruby, MySQL and many more. However, when comparing their packages, A2Hosting offers much more.

  • The backup service of A2Hosting is on the daily basis, while that of NameCheap works twice a week.
  • The valid days of A2Hosting full refund are 30 days, while those of NameCheap are 14 days only. Even, besides the full refund, A2Hosting also allows the pro-rated refund that is available at anytime.
  • For the installation of the scripts, NameCheap only offers the Softaculous installer, but A2Hosting even allows the pre-installation service that can be got on the checkout page.
  • You can get the $50 advertising credits from A2Hosting but none from NameCheap.

A2Hosting Is More Reliable than NameCheap

This conclusion is based on our real monitoring. Actually, both of them place their robust web servers at the state-of-the-art data centers to maintain the great hosting reliability. However, after monitoring them with the help of Uptime Robot, we get the report that A2Hosting achieves the 99.99% uptime all the times without any serious downtime.

And the average uptime achieved by NameCheap is 99.93% only.

Summary – Which Offers the Better Blog Hosting

According to this in-depth comparison, A2Hosting surely offers the better blog hosting than NameCheap. With this web host, you can get all the hosting features you may need, almost no website downtime, the fast server response time of 397 ms on average and the great support service at the cheap charges.

In addition, as surveyed online, most of their customers are highly satisfied with their blog hosting service. The customer review chart can be checked as below.