MyHosting VS Linode on VPS Hosting Quality

MyHosting VS Linode on VPS Hosting Quality

Both of MyHosting and Linode have been dedicated to VPS hosting service for several years. However, there are more or less disparities existing between the two companies. To unveil the similarities and disparities existing between MyHosting and Linode, we make out this all-rounded comparative review by our hands-on hosting experience on introducing the best VPS hosting providers.

At the first place, there is a customers’ rating table for the two hosting providers’ VPS hosting services, which includes the mostly-cared aspects of features, price, speed, technical support and uptime. Move forwards to more useful information.

Rating MyHosting Linode
Reputation 2 of 5 2 of 5
Price 2.5 of 5 2 of 5
Hosting Features 2 of 5 2.5 of 5
Speed 2.5 of 5 2.5 of 5
Technical Support 2 of 5 2 of 5
Uptime 2.5 of 5 2.5 of 5
Customer Ratings 2 of 5 2 of 5
Recommended No No

VPS Hosting Plans & Price

Having been in the hosting industry for more than ten years, MyHosting declaims to offer users good Linux and Windows VPS hosting products. In regards to the more cost-effective Linux VPS hosting service, there are a total of four plans offered by this web host, among which the Custom Linux VPS plan starts from $15.95/mo.

myhosting-vs-linode-vps-hosting-plans-price The price is affordable, but more additional fees are charged for the extra availability of cPanel, Plesk and OpenVPN, which are $10.75, $3 and $3 in sequence. However, there is one advantage that this web host offers customers 30-day money back guarantee to make their money secure and safe enough.

Comparatively, Linode has released nine optional VPS hosting plans so as to meet all kinds of customers’ demands. The VPS hosting plans charge for different fees as they include differently-dispersed features. For example, the most cost-effective plan of Linode 1GB only charges for $10/mo with supporting for rather limited resources of 1GB RAM and 1 CPU core.

Besides, Linode allows customers to have a 7-day free trial to confirm whether to renew the service or cancel their accounts. Also, this company permits webmasters to choose their most convenient and favourite payment gateways, including Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Note that webmasters who want to focus on their hosting objectives rather than studying their infrastructures have to pay for additional $100 fees for managed hosting service.

Control Panel & Hosting Features

In terms of the control panel, a top-concerned term in web hosting, MyHosting surpasses its competitor as it supports the industry-leading cPanel and Plesk admin panel. However, although the former allows webmasters to have a comfortable and convenient user experience by using cPanel or Plesk, it is not as considerate and affordable as other reputable hosting providers which offer cPanel for free.

Apart from the control panel, the two companies differ from each other in other areas. To make things simple and easy, we select some vital hosting features of the two companies and make out the following table. Note that giving account to the price, we choose the Custom Linux VPS plan of MyHosting to make a comparison with the Linode 2GB plan. More details are well-arranged as below.

Features MyHosting Linode
Plan in Comparison Linux VPS Plan 2GB Plan
Disk Space 20GB 48GB
Processor(s) 8 2
Monthly Data Transfer 300GB 3TB
cPanel $10.75/mo
Root Access Yes Yes
SSH Access Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 7 Days
Regular Price $15.95/mo $20/mo
Discount N/A N/A
Current Price $15.95/mo $20/mo
How to Claim Not Recommended Not Recommended

Performance & Technical Support

Both of MyHosting and Linode commit to offering no less than 99.9% network uptime by adopting redundant network facilities and multiple data centers which are housed with advanced power distributions. What’s more, they both proclaim to offer fast network response speed by using RAID-based servers and greatly-improved core processors.

myhosting-vs-linode-performance-technical-support However, by testing the platforms of MyHosting and Linode, we find out that it always takes one minute to load a page. Besides, we have had experienced frequently-occurred downtime during the testing period with MyHosting. In this way, both of the two web hosts are not as good as they have promised.

When it comes to the technical support, the two web hosts both offer alternative support portals of email, phone call, ticket and live chat. In fact, we have received a considerable number of customers’ complaints stating that their hosting issues cannot be resolved until the hotline is not busy and they have been put into waiting queue many times when seeking for the on-site help.


From what we have compared above, both of MyHosting and Linode are not recommended for people who are continually looking for a stable, fast, low-cost, effective and feature-rich VPS hosting provider. In this case, we have the following heartful recommendations.