How to Move From Weebly to WordPress

How to Move From Weebly to WordPress

Are you looking to move your web contents from Weebly to WordPress? This post will tell you how to finish the process easily. In fact, both Weebly and WordPress are the popular website builders and content management tools. However, due to the rich features, ease of use, no costs, massive plugins and themes, SEO-friendliness and many other benefits brought by WordPress, many webmasters are looking to transfer their website to this script. And this time, we have listed the simple steps of how to move from Weebly to WordPress.

Prepare for the Migration

Before moving from Weebly to WordPress, you should sign up with a proper WordPress hosting solution. This is the base of your WordPress site. In this case, you should make sure that the hosting solution is truly reliable that can ensure you the fast hosting performance. In addition, for the easy migration and website creation, you’d better choose the web host that offers the 1-click WordPress installer and the cPanel control panel. Even, the drag-and-drop website builder is useful. If you are new to WordPress, the responsive and 24/7 technical support is also important.

In the following, we have listed the top 3 WordPress hosting providers after reviewing and comparing a large number of hosting providers online. You can make a choice among them based on your needs.

Export the Web Content from Weebly

Previously, the content moving from Weebly to WordPress can be a hard job. After all, it is not easy to export your web content from the Weebly based website. But now, you can make use of the Weebly to WordPress Importer tool. This is a special online tool you can use for free. With it, you can easily export the content from your Weebly website and convert all the contents into the format that is WordPress compatible.

After entering the website of this online tool, you simply need to enter the URL of your Weebly website, your name and your email address. And then, you should choose the export format. The WXR format means the WordPress Extended RSS, which is the most comprehensive format for it imports all the data, including the posts, pages, comments, categories, images, authors and many more. After that, you should decide whether to include the pages into the export file.

Now, you simply need to click the Export My Weebly Website button.

Weebly to WordPress Importer

After generating the export file successfully, you can download it to your computer by right clicking the download link and hitting the Save Link As button.

Import the Content to WordPress

Now, you can import the content to your blank WordPress site. For this, you simply need to enter the admin panel and click the Tools > Import button. If your WordPress site is a new one and you have never used this tool before, you should install it in advance. This only requires you to click the Install button.

And then, you can see a list of blogging tools or platforms. You just need to find the WordPress one and click the Install Now button. Next, you should click the Run Importer button.

WordPress Install Now Button

Now, you can move to the WordPress importing page. Here, you simply need to upload the WXR file you have stored in the previous step. WordPress will analyze the data and handle the rest.

In the next screen, you should assign authors. To make sure that you can easily edit, save and handle your web contents, you’d better not to change the “admin” as the website author. If your Weebly website has multiple authors, you surely can import the authors by creating the new WordPress users. But here, you should manage their user role and permission properly.

Import Authors

Here, you’d better also download and import the file attachments. This way, WordPress will fetch all the images from Weebly to WordPress media library automatically.

After clicking the Submit button and waiting for a few time, you can get the following success message.

Import WordPress Success Message

Now, you can go through your whole site to check whether your posts, pages, images and any other contents have been imported properly. If not, you can repeat the import process. The WordPress importer tool is smart enough to detect and delete the duplicated importing.

Some Other Steps You Should Finish

In addition to the previous steps, you also need to pay attention to the following aspects for the complete moving.

  • If your Weebly website has the custom domain name and you do not want to change it, you should point the domain to your current WordPress hosting provider. Most quality hosting companies offer the domain transfer service for free.
  • You need to check the permalink structure on your WordPress site. After all, the friendly page links are good for the SEO. You can do this from the Settings > Permalinks part.
  • For the better website optimization, the needed plugins for SEO, speed and security should be installed and activated.
  • You also need to leverage the well-designed website theme and make the proper customization to ensure a visual-appealing website.