How to Migrate a WordPress Site from to Be Self Hosted

How to Migrate a WordPress Site from to Be Self Hosted

Generally, many individuals and small businesses begin their online presence with a free WordPress site at It is true that starting at is convenient. However, with the growth of their websites, their needs expand which requires full access to theme files, domain name and the flexibility that comes with a self-hosted WordPress site. Thus, moving a WordPress site that is hosted in to be the one which is self-hosted is usually a necessary step.

Due to the lack of enough WordPress related knowledge or technical skills, people may think that migrating a WordPress site is difficult. In fact, the whole process is not that complicated. Following the tips we share in below, you can complete the task easily.

Step 1: Setting Up a New Empty WordPress Site

First of all, you need to purchase a domain name. Or if you have already had a domain name on or somewhere else, just redirect the name server. The second task is to open a hosting account with a reliable web host like BlueHost that offers sufficient server resources and easy-to-use tools. And the last thing is to install WordPress on the new account. After finished all of steps, the next thing that needs to do is transfer over the entire site.

Step 2: Export Your Content

Export Your ContentThe beginning of the process of moving to a self-hosted WP site is to log into your account and do the following things in the dashboard.

  • Login to the account and browse administration panel.
  • Click on TOOLS – EXPORT from the menu on the left. Using the export tool will compile your pages. posts, comments, categories, custom firlds, and tags into WordPress extended RSS file or a WXR file. In essence, this file is just a normal file based on XML RSS with a couple of custom fields added to it making it specific to WordPress.
  • Click on the Download Export File button and save it to the desktop of your computer.

Step 3: Import the File to the New Self-Hosted WordPress Site

Import the File to the New Self-Hosted WordPress SiteNow that your content has been exported from, the next step is to import it into the new self-hosted WordPress installation. Check the following steps:

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard of the new account and select Tools – Import – WordPress (at the bottom of the page).
  • Browse (open the file downloaded earlier) – Upload files and import. After that, you need to create or select the author to the posts and mark the checkbox for import file attachments. Clean out the default post (Hello World) and begin restyling your self-hosted WP site.
  • Click submits, and then you have finished importing the site.

Then, your site on has been transferred. This means that you can feel free to install any plugins and themes, upload any videos and even place ads there to make some money.

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