MidPhase VS JustHost – Budget Web Hosting Comparison

MidPhase VS JustHost – Budget Web Hosting Comparison

We have found that many of our readers feel confused to choose between MidPhase and JustHost, for both of the 2 companies seem to offer quality hosting service at affordable price. In this circumstance, our professional editors have started an in-depth review and a comprehensive MidPhase vs JustHost comparison discussing their price, features, reliability, hosting speed, and technical support. Note that the result is coming from our hosting experience and performance testing in the real world.

Rating JustHost MidPhase
Plan in Comparison Basic Personal
Reliability 5 of 5 4 of 5
Loading Speed 5 of 5 3.5 of 5
Technical Support 4.5 of 5 4 of 5
Feature 5 of 5 3 of 5
Price 5 of 5 5 of 5
Sales Now! 63% Off 50% Off
Starting At $3.49/mo $3.47/mo
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It is noted that JustHost has been rated for more than 4,5 out of 5 stars while MidPhase cannot compare with the competitor. Thus an early conclusion can be drawn from the above rating table that JustHost should deserve your high expectations. After the general idea about the two web hosts, you can learn more details through our side-by-side comparison.


According to our research and investigation, the average price of web hosting in the market is $5/mo. As for MidPhase, the starting price is $3.47/mo, slightly cheaper than the industry. Such is the case with JustHost whose prices are as low as $3.49/mo. From this perspective, both web hosts try to be as budget-friendly as possible, setting reasonable prices for the plans. Even the poor students can afford to set up their personal websites with ease. Besides, both of them guarantee customers a refund policy, with which customers don’t need to worry about money wasting. In detail, there are 30 days available for you to check their shared web hosting service quality.

Price JustHost MidPhase
Plan in Comparison Basic Personal
Regular Price $9.49/mo $7.95/mo
Sales Now! 63% Off 50% Off
Starting At $3.49/mo $3.47/mo
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation

JustHost has 3 web hosting plans that have been priced from $9.49/mo regularly. With a 63% discount, however, the price is down to $3.49/mo effectively for customers going through this exclusive promotion link.


Both of the 2 companies offer a long list competitive features that are powerful enough for even beginners to set up a website without any hassle. For instance, customers can enjoy an unlimited allocation of disk space and monthly data transfer, free domain name, free setup, cPanel control panel, and many other advanced technologies like .htaccess, Cron Job, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl, Python, and CGI, etc.In addition, you can get a free domain name from the two web hosts.

However, as compared deeply, JustHost is still more rich-featured as it also provides customers with ad credits for free, Ruby on Rails, and more that are lacking in MidPhase Personal package.

Note that as price matters most in this comparison, we only compare JustHost Basic with MidPhase Personal plan.

Features JustHost MidPhase
Plan in Comparison Basic Personal
Disk Space 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Hosting 1 1
Free Domain Yes Yes
Cron Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
cPanel Yes Yes
CGI Yes Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
Advertising Credits Yes No
Ruby on Rails Yes No
Learn More Not Recommended


In order to guarantee a good uptime track record, the 2 companies leverage the power of quality web servers and world-class data centers. After all, reliability is one of the most essential factors when people choose their web hosting providers.

JustHost, in particular, utilizes the robust dual quad processor performance servers with multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections to ensure the highest level of stability and reliability. Besides, it also has invested millions of dollars to build the cutting-edge data centers, featuring redundant power supply, automatic cooling, security system, and 24/7 monitoring.

In terms of MidPhase, it also uses quality web servers and places them at a C7 data center that is located in a disaster-safe zone of Utah, coming with almost all the latest technologies.

Hosting Speed

With high-specification web servers and cutting-edge server spaces, the 2 web hosts are undoubtedly able to guarantee a fast hosting speed. After all, these two factors have a direct impact on the hosting performance.

Six months ago, we received two free accounts from them and started a performance testing at once. The tested WordPress sites are with the same content, and the monitoring interval is about 5 minutes. According to the result, JustHost achieves a faster speed as its hosted website only consumes an average of 366ms for server response.

Technical Support

technical supportBoth JustHost and MidPhase have done a good job in this aspect. After all, as the leading web hosts in the market, they know the importance of a response technical support and how to provide customers with it.

Unlike many other companies that outsource this part to a third party, they just hire a group of experienced support staffs and establish their own support team. All of these representatives are professional and knowledgeable, being able to deal with any issues raised by customers perfectly with an appropriate manner. Once people encounter any problems, they can contact this team that is available 24/7 by dialing the toll-free number, sending e-mails, or clicking the live chat button.

Besides, customers can also get the basic knowledge about web hosting or some useful tips about website building/managing from knowledge base and company blog.


Both MidPhase and JustHost are reliable web hosts that are absolutely worth going. However, JustHost is the better option as it offers more competitive features, better uptime track record, and faster hosting speed. In fact, JustHost also has a quite high customer satisfaction rate which can be seen from the below review chart. This is in accordance with our own investigation.