MidPhase Coupon – 30% Off Shared Web Hosting

MidPhase Coupon – 30% Off Shared Web Hosting

If you are going to start a business with MidPhase, you may need a MidPhase coupon code to save much more budget. Now we are here providing you the best MidPhase coupon code – BWH30OFF. Using this coupon code, you will save 30% off the regular price of all the MidPhase shared hosting plans, and you can start with MidPhase at a price as low as $2.07/mo.

MidPhase is designed to offer high quality web hosting solutions at an affordable price. Both of the MidPhase 2 Linux-based and 2 Windows-based website hosting plans are quite inexpensive with our useful MidPhase coupon code, though they have covered every aspect of personal and small business websites.

Meanwhile, all the MidPhase shared hosting plans include a free domain name ($12/year valued) and up to $120 marketing credits for free – $50 Yahoo credits, $25 Google ADS credits, $25 Enhance Search Engine credits, and $20 Search 1-2-3 credits.

How to Activate the MidPhase Coupon?

Follow this promotional link going to MidPhase website and pick up a preferred web hosting plan.

MidPhase Coupon Link Activation

Continue the NEXT STEP util the order checkout page, you will get the following screenshot.

Click the “Have a Coupon”, and type BWH30OFF, then you will get the best discounted price as following.

MidPhase Coupon > Saving 30% for Personal Website Hosting

The regular price for MidPhase Personal Website Hosting 3 years/2 years/1 year/1month plan is $2.95/$3.95/$4.95/$5.95/mo respectively. Since the coupon code BWH30OFF is available, all the new customers can claim 30% discount for a more favorable price of $2.07/$2.77/$3.47/$4.17/mo for the plan. Or you can just go through this promotional link to automatically discount the plan you choose.

For best money-saving and worry-free experience, we highly recommend you going with the cheapest 3 years plan. Once you sign up the plan, you will instantly save $31.86, and you don’t have to worry about the renewal fee within a long time of 3 years.

MidPhase Coupon > Saving 30% for Business Website Hosting

As your business grows, you can easily upgrade MidPhase plan to the more rich-featured Business Website Hosting. This plan is originally priced at $7.95/$8.95/$9.95/$10.95/mo for the 3 years/2 years/1 year/1 month subscription. Before checking out, remember to use our MidPhase coupon code “BWH30OFF” to purchase the plan at a discounted price of $5.57/$6.27/$6.97/$7.67/mo.

With the exclusive MidPhase coupon code, you will save at most $85.86 for the 3 years plan. In case that you may forget the code in the checkout, we also provide this discount link for you to claim the discount automatically.

MidPhase Coupon > Saving 30% for Windows Shared Hosting

Windows web hosting is usually very expensive in the market rather than Linux due to the expensive license fee of Windows and MS SQL Server. By leveraging the solid Windows operation and mass of Licenses purchased from Microsoft, MidPhase costs down to offer the Windows web hosting for a very competitive price, started at $5.95/mo.

But now, with our MidPhase coupon code BWH30OFF for 30% off, the MidPhase Windows web hosting is only started at $4.165/mo. By choosing a 3 years subscription, you can save $64.26 totally.

To learn more about MidPhase, visit http://www.midphase.com/