Micfo Review – Fully Micfo Hosting Scam Revealed

Micfo Review – Fully Micfo Hosting Scam Revealed

Micfo is not recommended based on the Micfo review from their company credit & reputation, web hosting features, speed, reliability, technical support and price.

Micfo is notorious web hosting company in the marketplace founded in 2002. The number of Micfo customers started to drop since 2007 for their slow & unreliable web hosting, and terrible technical support. As it’s said, even Micfo charged the credit cards of customers after they cancelled the hosting subscription. Choosing Micfo is not only harmful for the sites and businesses, but also risky for the credit cards and money.

Based on the Micfo review from our editors’ real hosting experience and the complaints heard from web hosting community, the Micfo SCAM is for:

  1. Micfo Boundless hosting plan is starting at $4/mo, but it’s only working for 4 years plan.
  2. The service quality will be dropped signficantly after the Micfo 30 days money back guaratee.
  3. Unreliable web hosting, much worse than the Micfo advertising 99.9% hosting uptime.
  4. Bad website loading speed especially during the working time.

Micfo Review > Price

Micfo has 3 web hosting plans named Boundless, Limitless and Infinity, starting at $4/mo, but the background is that you have to pay Micfo for 4 years at once. As a small web hosting company with less than 10 staffs, the long time bill is absolutely not safe and not guaranteed.

Plan Name 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years
Micfo Boundless $7/mo $6/mo $5/mo $4/mo
Micfo Limitless $8/mo $7/mo $6/mo $5/mo
Micfo Infinity $9/mo $8/mo $7/mo $6/mo

Micfo hosting is not cheap in the marketplace. For yearly billing, the Micfo Boundless hosting is pricing for $7/mo, but it only allows 1 hosting domain name on 1 account. Micfo hosting is much more expensive than the reputed web hosting providers like BlueHost, InMotion hosting, WebHostingHub, HostMonster, etc.

Micfo Review > Features

Micfo has 3 web hosting plans, but the main different is for the limitation of supported domains, disk space, monthly bandwidth, databases and email accounts.

Plan Name Micfo Boundless Micfo Limitless Micfo Infinity
Supported Domains 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 70 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 700 GB Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL 10x200MB 50x200MB Unlimited
Email Accounts 10 50 Unlimited

These are the reasons why you shall not choose Micfo on the web hosting features:

  • Micfo Boundless hosting only supports 1 domain on 1 account.
  • Micfo doesn’t support Shell (SSH) Access and customized PHP.ini.
  • Micfo only supports PHP 5.2.x but not the latest 5.3.x.
  • Micfo doesn’t support Ruby on Rails and Python websites.
  • Micfo doesn’t support custom Cron jobs that a ton of WordPress plugins may not work properly there.

Micfo Review > Money Back Guarantee

Most of web hosting providers in the industry provide both 2 kinds of money back guarantees:

  1. Full Refund: the clients can get the full refund in the first 30~90 days.
  2. Post-rated Refund: the clients can get the web hosting balance after the first 30~90 days. This allows clients to cancel the subscription and get the balance at any time when they don’t satisfy the service from the provider.

But, Micfo only provides 30 days money back guarantee, for services cancelled by the client 30 days past the signup date, the client shall not receive any refund whatsoever. As the rumors heard in the marketplace, the acceptable Micfo hosting service is only for 30 days. Then, Micfo will become a nightmare. The Micfo money back guarantee is not trust-worth.

Micfo Review > Uptime

Based on the real hosting experience with Micfo, the Micfo hosting uptime is worse than their guaranteed 99.9%. As the most customer complaints and our true hosting experience, Micfo uptime only works for the first 30 days. Then, you will start to get into troubles weekly or bi-weekly.

In the past half a year, we set up a site uptime monitor for a sample WordPress site hosted with Micfo. The actual detected site uptime is only 99.1%. That means, the clients nearly have 6~10 hours downtime for each month. That absolutely makes any businesses suffered.

Micfo Review > Loading Speed

The nightmare will surely start after the first 30 days when hosted with Micfo. You will find your website loading speed significantly dropped, because Micfo may decrease the CPU units and dedicated memory for your website when the money back guarantee is expired. If you’re using PPC for traffic, like Google AdWords or Bing/Yahoo Search, hosting with Micfo is just wasting the money. No reader can be patient for over 10 seconds for a page rendered, especially during the business time.

We compared the performance of the same WordPress site with the same content hosted with Micfo and BlueHost. We found the site hosted with Micfo is up to 560% slower than BlueHost, whatever the database query, page generation or page rendering.


Based on the in-depth Micfo review above, Micfo is NOT recommended, whatever from the hosting features, speed, reliability, reputation and price. If you’re looking for a budget, reliable & trusted shared web hosting service, we recommend you going with BlueHost.

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