How to Manage Projects in WordPress

How to Manage Projects in WordPress

In the most cases, the WordPress script is used for blogging or showcasing. But actually, you can also use it for the management of your projects. Frankly speaking, turning WordPress into the project management is a great way to make your work effective and productive. This time, we are going to list the simple steps about how to manage projects in WordPress. Note that there is no coding required. You can achieve the goal using the WP Project Manager plugin.

This is a professional plugin, with which you can manage all your projects with the proper options and tools. Acting as a full-fledged tool, you can handle everything related to your projects easily. Now, you can check the following to learn the steps for the proper utilization.

Configure the General Settings

Firstly, you should hit the Project Manager > Settings button. From this page, you can set up some general settings that are important for your project management.

Here, you should determine the maximum file size for uploading in megabytes and the maximum number of projects to be showcased on each page. When it comes to the task list style, you can choose among the options of pagination, load more button and lazy loading. Even, you can decide how many task lists, incomplete tasks and completed tasks per page to be showed.

Finally, you have the freedom to decide who have the permissions to manage and to create the projects.

WP Project Manager Settings

In addition, you can move to the Email Settings part to enter the From Email address, choose the email type and enable the BCC feature.

Add the Categories for Your Projects

Now, you should click the Project Manager > Categories button to add the project categories. Note that the process is the same as the creation of your post categories.

Projects Categories

Create Your Projects

Next, you can create the projects by clicking the Projects > New Project button. Before hitting the button, you’d better choose the project category using the filter.

New Project

In the popup window, you should enter the name and details for the new project. And also, you can assign the co-workers and enable the notification function. Note that when choosing the co-workers, you should decide who can be the manager and who can be the workers.

Start the New Project

Manage Your Projects

Now, you can find your new project by clicking the Projects button. At present, it is in the Active status. Once it is finished, you can hit the Settings button to mark it as a Completed one.

Project Overview

To manage this project, you should click its project name. Here, you can find a lot of tabs, including Overview, Activities, Discussions, Task Lists, Milestones and Files. In the Overview tab, you can check all the tasks and activities you have created, along with how they are going on via a chart.

Overview Tab

From the Activities tab, you can get the instant information of who has done what since the starting of this project.

Next, you can move to the Discussion tab. From this part, you can establish a team discussion with all your co-workers. You can view it as an inside forum for every single project.

Note that you can click the Add New Discussion button to start the communication based on your needs.

Add New Discussion

Create and Control Your To-Do Lists

The task is the key to the project. And in the next step, you should create and manage all your tasks from the Task Lists tab.

Here, you can create a lot of to-do lists, along with the tasks and required co-workers. After clicking the New To-do List button, you can firstly enter the outline so that you can better handle the process. And then, you can hit the New Task button. After entering the task content, assign the workers and decide the due date, you can add it to the to-do list. Note that you can add as many tasks as possible and the assigned users can get the emails automatically.

Control To-Do Lists

Note that when the tasks are finished, the items will be moved to the Completed section. And also, you can check the process from the right hand.

Set and Manage the Milestones

Now, you should go for the Milestones tab. Here, we need to mention that the milestones mean the deadline for your project. In this case, when creating a new project, you should set up the corresponding milestones for the added to-do lists and tasks. And also, from this part, you can check the finishing progress easily.

Add the Milestones

When the project is finished, you can click the hook symbol to indicate that all the tasks are done.

Manage Your Files

The last tab is the Files option. Surely, you can have a basic view of all the files that are uploaded to your new project. In this case, no matter the files are attached to the to-do list, the discussion threads or the comments, you can find the files easily.

Project Files