How to Make WordPress Pages and Posts Print Friendly

How to Make WordPress Pages and Posts Print Friendly

Making certain web pages and posts print-friendly sounds pretty acceptable and that has been favored by most visitors who prefer to print content hitting the spot with them. To enable better user experience, it seems to be necessary to make each page and post print friendly. The best method to do so is WordPress plugin, which is great for readers sick of coding.

There are multiple options available for you to choose from, among which Print Friendly and PDF Button is selected in the following guide. Since most of you lack understanding of this plugin, we are going to start with a brief introduction for it and then a step-by-step guide presents you the way to take a good use of Print Friendly and PDF Button.

About Print Friendly and PDF Button

Print Friendly and PDF Button, as its name suggests, is designed for print button integration with your WordPress website. There is no need for any coding, programming or hacking to set up this plugin so as to spare you from complicated configuration. Numerous settings leave full customization for all users. Besides print, visitors are able to download the favored page into PDF with professional looking.

Before making a print or PDF, anyone can edit the page and determine whether to remove images and certain paragraphs if needed. That is a great method to save ink. And now, this plugin has been translated into 25 languages, including Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and so on. Let’s get started to install and activate Print Friendly and PDF Button via WordPress dashboard.

Install Print Friendly and PDF Button

Go to Plugins > Add New and search for this plugin to get the following result. Install it now and turn to the next page where to activate Print Friendly and PDF Button. An item called Print Friendly & PDF appears under Settings once you have installation done.

Install Print Friendly and PDF Button Plugin

Add a Print Button to Your Website

Click to Print Friendly & PDF and here comes Print Friendly & PDF Settings page. Various sections are available for the customization of button style, button location, PDF options and webmaster settings. Before everything, focus on Pick Your Button Style mode and select a preferred style from given options. Perhaps, you can opt for a custom button by entering image URL and then modify the button text, text color and text size to make it different from others.

Pick Your Button Style

If CSS style is not required, check the option “Do not use CSS for button styles” next to “Button Positioning” mode. If not, leave it blank and position the print button properly. In this case, you are allowed to determine where to place the print button on a certain page or post.

Button Positioning

The next mode is “Display button on”. A list of options enable you to determine where to display the print button on your website and that can be all posts, all pages, homepage, category pages, and so on. Check one or more choices according to personal needs. If you just need to display the print button to certain pages or articles, copy and paste the shortcode [printfriendly] to anywhere as desired.

Note that, the option “Add direct to template” is used to customize the active theme by adding the given code to it. This is also an effective way to display print button on your website.

Display Button on

The “Print PDF Options” mode includes a list of general settings for print PDF customization. You can determine whether to include an image in the print and whether to allow click-to-delete, email, and some other functions for visitors. And then, customize image style to make it integrate with web content correctly.

Print PDF Options

The last mode is “Webmaster Settings”, which enables several options for webmasters to improve content security and search engine optimization. Having all settings completed, click “Save Options” to an end.

Webmaster Settings

On the basis of all steps mentioned above, we pick out a button style with professional looking and enable it for all posts on our review site. Each print button is placed under the post and that should be like the following sample.

Print Button Sample